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Picture the most depressed face one can make, and that's basically what happened to my own face, along with presumably lots of others, as another superbly enticing Game of Thrones rumor has been sent to the dragons. A story had recently made its way across the Internet in which it was claimed that legendary actress and Murder, She Wrote star Angela Lansbury would have a guest role in next year's Season 7, and despite all the coins I've thrown in the well and all the ritual sacrifices I made, it looks like this was all just horse pucky.

The faux news initially came from a German website that apparently isn't too reputable for putting out solid information, but considering the rumor went days without anyone refuting it, optimism was allowed to run rampant concerning Angela Lansbury possibly making her way to King's Landing or Dorne or anywhere. But according to EW, Lansbury's own publicity team has shot down that possibility, and while it's not the worst news that has come out today, the disappointment is palpable.

As you might imagine, viewers got really jazzed about the prospect of Angela Lansbury joining the fantasy epic, as it's been far too long since the actress won her Guest Actress Emmy for appearing in the Law & Order: SVU and Trial by Jury crossover in 2005, which was her last major TV role. (PBS's Great Performances showcased her stage run on Driving MIss Daisy, but that's not quite the same.)

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This is one of those cases where I cannot help but hope that the falsified rumors had become big enough news that Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss get the hint and actually try to make it happen for real. And while they're hypothetically at it, they might as well make her a regular instead of just the two-episode deal that was rumored.

Part of the excitement behind thinking Angela Lansbury was being added to Game of Thrones for Season 7 was embedded in the joy that Game of Thrones is casting at all. After learning about a handful of new characters that are being added, word dropped that the awesome Jim Broadbent is on the way for a limited role, and it wasn't out of the question to think that another Oscar-winning British star could also show up. No shame walk for us for believing this.

Unfortunately, there is still a long time left between now and the start of Game of Thrones' truncated seventh season, which isn't set to debut until at some point in the summer of 2017. On the bright side, that gives everyone on the creative side more time to think about guest stars, especially those whose names rhyme with Smangela Flansdairy. Lots of stars will be seen all over primetime later this year, and you can find out when all your favorite shows are starting up again with our fall TV schedule.

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