Watch Ellen Hilariously Scare Carrie Underwood On Her Show

When she's not busy voicing the lovable fish Dory for Pixar, Ellen DeGeneres is usually filming her successful daytime variety talk show, now in its 14th season. In that time, she's had a lot of guests come on the show, both first-timers and repeats. Singer Carrie Underwood alone has made 10 appearances on the show and to celebrate, Ellen decided to give her the fright of her life in front of a room full of people - not to mention the millions watching from home. Check it out below.

Oh, that Ellen. The video starts off with the two reminiscing about Underwood's first time as a guest on the show, back when Underwood won American Idol in 2005. DeGeneres had a photograph of the moment and showed everyone how much style has changed since 2005. "You look beautiful and I think I got better," DeGeneres pointed out. But that photo was just the tip of the iceberg for Underwood. A man dressed as Underwood's husband, Nashville Predators pro hockey player Mike Fisher, popped out of a fake table behind the ladies, absolutely scaring the bejesus out of the singer. Underwood hilariously recovers from the shock while DeGeneres sits back, looking amused with herself.

That wasn't even the only embarrassing thing DeGeneres did to Underwood in that episode! As pointed out by E! News, DeGeneres had Seth Rogen as her first guest earlier in the show and together they played a new game, "You Must Say." Rogen got to pick a phrase that Ellen had to somehow work into her interview with Carrie Underwood, who was "sequestered" away and had no idea this was happening. Rogen didn't know Underwood very well but decided that it'd be funny for Ellen to work in "Now I hear you're great at the chicken dance. We have no music, but now's the time to show us," just to see if the singer would do it. Despite being totally confused, Underwood lamely tried to do the dance, mostly from audience peer pressure. The only reason anyone should do the chicken dance.

Fans of Ellen will know that the host loves giving her guests a good scare. Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Eric Stonestreet, and Justin Bieber are just a few who have fallen to her classic pranks. One of her memorable ones is when guest Scarlett Johansson was scared by a surprise visit from fellow Avenger, Chris Evans. You can check out that little gem below

It was a rough episode for Carrie Underwood, but when you're a guest on Ellen, you should know things are gonna hit the fan. Now that Underwood has made 10 appearances on the hit talk show, we can't wait to see what happens when she comes back for number 11.

Matt Wood

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