Tom Hanks And Ellen Bring Woody And Dory's Voices Together, And It's Absolute Pixar Magic

When it comes to great characters, there's almost nobody who does it better than Pixar. The studio has produced dozens of memorable characters, from talking toys and fish to big-hearted robots and culinary-obsessed rats. Unfortunately, none of these characters get to interact with each other outside of Disney Infinity or your own imagination. That's why we've got such a treat today, because Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres brought Woody and Dorey together for a Pixar-Off and it's really adorable. Check it out.

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Tom Hanks appeared as a guest on Ellen and the two happen to share Pixar films on their resumes. Tom Hanks helped kick off the first Pixar film, Toy Story, as the voice of Woody, while Ellen voiced the forgetful fish Dory in Finding Nemo and her own spin-off, Finding Dory. As characters go, the two are pretty lovable, and Hanks and Ellen are no slouches in that department either. Hanks talked about how kids get excited around him because he plays Woody but they always end up a little disappointed because he isn't an actual cowboy doll. So, he tells them to close their eyes and imagine Woody while he does the voice. That's pretty sweet and it leads to Hanks telling the whole audience to close their eyes while he and Ellen do their Pixar character.

Honestly, that's probably how an interaction between Woody and Dory would go. It's a real "Who's on First" type situation. Whether this meeting is happening on land or by sea is up to our own imaginations. Another interesting bit from this video is that it basically turns into a straight-up conversation between Hanks and Ellen about Pixar recording sessions. As the two of them explain, voice work can be a lot harder than it looks and a recording session can go up 5 hours. An especially fun factoid is when they get called back to just do grunts and noises. Apparently, Ellen gets her own apples while she works, while Tom Hanks has done three (about to be four) of these movies and never got one apple.

While there's probably never going to be that big Pixar crossover film, the individual movies have always intersected in tiny ways. There's almost always an Easter egg that hints toward the next Pixar film, like seeing the shadow of Doug from Up in Ratatouille. You can also usually catch a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo of the Pizza Planet truck, which is kind of like the Stan Lee of Pixar. There are also in-depth fan theories that each Pixar movie is connected and taking place in the same universe.

Seeing Woody and Dory together on screen is a bit of a pipe dream, so you'll just have to look forward to the next Pixar film, Cars 3, which heading to theaters on June 16, 2017.

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