The Good Wife Spinoff Just Added Another Fan Favorite To The Cast

Back in May, CBS' hit lawyer drama The Good Wife finally ended after seven seasons. But fans of the series don't have to wait long though to get their Good Wife fix. The show will be getting its own spin-off that will hit CBS All Access in February 2017, and the spin-off has been filling its cast with plenty of characters from the original show. Now a fan favorite will be joining the spin-off as a series regular: the sarcastic Marissa Gold.

According to TVLine, Sarah Steele is set to reprise her role as Marissa Gold, the sardonic daughter of Eli Gold, on the new Good Wife spin-off. She's also getting a promotion, as Stelle will be a full-on series regular and appear in all 10 episodes of the digital series. Marissa will begin the series as a secretary at a Chicago law firm, before realizing she has a knack for research and becomes an investigator. Snooping and sarcasm: a winning combination.

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Sarah Steele will join previously announced Good Wife veterans Christine Baranski and Cush Jumbo as Diane Lockhart and Lucca Quinn respectively in the new series. In addition to Steele's casting, we've also recently learned the first plot details for the spin-off, courtesy of Deadline. The series will pick up one year after the final episode of The Good Wife and will center around "an enormous financial scam that has destroyed the reputation of a young lawyer, while simultaneously wiping out her mentor Diane Lockhart's savings." Forced out of her law firm Lockhart and Lee, Diane and her protege move to Chicago and join Lucca at a pre-eminent law firm. Marissa will start off as Diane's secretary before discovering her talents as an investigator.

The announcement of Sarah Steele's casting comes right on the heels that Robert and Michelle King, the creators of The Good Wife, will serve as both executive producers and showrunners. The Kings previously worked on CBS' political satire BrainDead, which finished its run this summer. The Good Wife spin-off is a digital-only series that will be available to stream on CBS All Access, which also serves as the home of Star Trek: Discovery.

Fans of The Good Wife will no doubt be happy that Sarah Steele is reprising her role as Marissa. The actress' credits include appearances on shows such as Gilmore Girls and Nurse Jackie as well as feature roles in Spanglish and The To Do List. She can most recently be seen in an upcoming episode of CBS' procedural Bull, wherein she will play the host of a popular podcast.

The Good Wife spin-off will premiere on CBS All Acces in February 2017.

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