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Last night's Emmy broadcast was fairly solid across the board, with a variety of surprise (and deserved) wins mixed in with general award show oddness. Host Jimmy Kimmel landed a ton of sharp jabs aimed at those in the entertainment and political fields, with the most absurdly awesome ones at the expense of Downton Abbey star Maggie Smith. When her name was called for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama, Kimmel went out on the stage and took the trophy half-hostage, telling Smith she could find it in the lost and found. And to be expected, Dame Maggie had the best reply.

Indeed, that was somehow as classy and reserved as the best actual acceptance speeches last night, and it was just a response to a goofy bit. No one has ever doubted the awesomeness of Maggie Smith, but even if someone had ever dreamed about thinking about someone else saying it in jest, this response is excellent enough to ward even those thoughts away.

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Jimmy Kimmel challenged the actress to hop on a plane last night to get to the ceremony for her award, and in true Brit fashion, she politely says she'll try to get the next flight. Maggie Smith isn't even promising to do it, just in case something would come up that would get in the way. But she's making the attempt, guys! (And then not really, but it's the thought!)

It's so telling that Smith's response had to come from the PBS Twitter account, seeing as how the actress is too busy winning Emmys and Oscars to get on social media. At 81 years old, it's all about making the best decisions for what to do with one's time, so I wonder if she even watched the telecast, or if she found out about her win while skiing down a giant mountain or skydiving into a volcano. Also, I think that tweet counts as a greenlight for Smith to join Jimmy Kimmel's Roast if Comedy Central ever decides to put that together.

Sadly, the Emmy-familiar Downton Abbey won't be coming back for Season 7, since creator Julian Fellowes decided ending things would be best for all involved. But that doesn't necessarily mean the historical drama is out of our lives entirely, as talks about a Downton feature film have been bubbling even before the TV show ended. Those talks have started up again anew, with Maggie Smith's own name being thrown into the mix, despite her previously not sounding so hot on the idea of Violet Crawley still being alive for more stories. We're keeping the hope alive, and we're keeping it somewhere safer than a lost and found.