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outlander season 3

Outlander has been busy getting Season 3 together for a while now. We've already learned about some new castings and this morning, the Starz drama cast a couple of other big names from the books. Those characters would be none other than Young Ian and Joe Abernathy. Joe Abernathy will be played by Wil Johnson and Young Ian will be played by John Bell.

joe abernathy outlander

In the Outlander novels, Joe Abernathy first pops up in Voyager, the book that the third season of Outlander will be based on. Per a release from Starz, Joe Abernathy will be Claire's medical colleague who she befriends while still training to be a doctor. However, at the time of their training in American culture, both Claire and Joe are anomalies simply because Joe is a black man and Claire is a female.

Brief spoilers from the books are in this paragraph. Claire first meets Joe in 1955 and he later becomes her friend and confident. As we'll probably see in the series, Claire also confides in Joe the truth about Bree's father and ends up putting him in charge of her affairs when she returns to Scotland, which Outlander teased during the Season 2 finale.

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While Joe is a key but minor character in the Outlander universe, Jamie's nephew Ian will eventually be a key component on the Starz drama. When we first meet him, he'll still be a young man and Starz is calling him a "gangly" Scottish kid with a "heart of gold." Eventually, while trying to prove how that he can be a man, he'll get into trouble that requires some assistance from Jamie and co.

More brief spoilers from the books in this paragraph. As noted prior, Ian is kind-of a big deal in the Outlander universe. Coming up, he should be the catalyst for why Claire and Jamie go on the long journey that will take them away from Scotland and to other locales across the world. It's a journey that Outlander showrunner Ronald D. Moore has been excited about since the season began and it's a journey that Ian will play a pivotal role in.

Outlander isn't expected to premiere its third season for some time, but we do know quite a bit about what is coming during the upcoming episodes. If you'd like to check out what we know about Season 3, head here. In addition, if you'd like to see what TV has coming up sooner, check out our fall TV premiere schedule.