NCIS' Newest Characters Have A History Together, Here's What We Know

NCIS new characters

NCIS just returned to the schedule this Tuesday, and the series has already jumped into life without Tony DiNozzo. This includes introducing two new characters, Nick Torres and Alexandria Quinn. The two characters are played by Wilmer Valderrama and Jennifer Esposito, and this week the former revealed that the two characters are going to have a history together---which is a little bit unexpected. Here's what Valderrama had to say about the upcoming plot twist on the long-running CBS drama:

[Torres] went to the academy and he was taught by Ms. Quinn. And there was, you know, there may have been some interesting run-ins with [his] teacher in the past.

That's certainly mysterious. It's also weird to think of Nick Torres training under Alexandria Quinn, not because of an age gap or anything, but more because we just recently met both characters and have learned a little about their backgrounds. For Torres, especially, it's weird to think of him having to train at all under someone like Quinn (obviously we know he did.) He's such a grizzled field agent at this point, and one who has spent a significant time undercover and was even presumed dead at one point. He's not exactly a young man in training, anymore, so it's hard to think of him in a classroom setting just chatting it up with Quinn. Still, since Quinn is a lady who trained a lot of individuals, and this isn't a nonsensical side plot or anything.

I don't know how directly NCIS plans to delve into this backstory, as Jennifer Esposito also told EW that no actual flashbacks have been planned, at least at this juncture in the writing process.

We will find out more what happens there later as well. I don't know if we'll get flashbacks of their history, but we may start to find out more.

Hopefully, this information will come through dialogue reveals that will stump the other members of the main cast as much as it surprised us. So, go ahead and keep your eyes peeled for those super fun moments. Obviously, it may still be a while before NCIS really delves into the characters' backstories. Since we are only one hour into Season 14, most of the show's regular cast members still aren't really super acquainted with either of the newbies, just yet.

We expect the new character to continue to get more interesting as Season 14 continues to move forward. New episodes of the hit show air on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET, kicking off the CBS lineup for the night, a lineup which also happens to include Michael Weatherly's Bull. You can check out when your fall favorites are airing with our fall TV premiere schedule.

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