The Strain's Tremendous Battle Had Some Unforeseen Consequences

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Spoilers for Sunday's episode of The Strain are all over this article. If you haven't caught the episode, yet, feel free to check out one of our other lovely articles.

Last week on The Strain, it looked like humanity had found it stride, and a plan was being devised to take New York City back from the still absent Master and his Strigoi minions. Though something in the back of our minds did seem to indicate that a decisive victory would be simple and clean at this point in Season 3's run, and sure enough tonight proved our gut feelings right. While "The Battle of Central Park" did take place, it really wasn't much of a battle, and the victory certainly wasn't ours. As we found out the hard way, humanity had been duped, and New York is once again in mortal danger.

If things had gone according to plan, Fet's silver bombs would have crippled the Strigoi next under Central Park, thus giving Justine Feraldo and her Safe Streets Initiative the upper hand they needed in order to take the city back decisively. Fet's end of the bargain did work out, as the silver bomb did seem to take out the nest, as intended. However, the unforeseen peril was in the hordes of Strigoi that bum-rushed several barricades throughout New York, as well as filled what looked like the entirety of Central Park.

This bait and switch is undoubtedly thanks to Herr Eichorst and, to a certain extent, Kelly Goodweather, as the two have become the power couple of the Strigoi left behind after The Master's temporary death. As if to pour salt into the wound, Eichorst toyed with Eph Goodweather, who finally received the sign he's been looking for all season: he now knows that Zack is alive and well, at least for the time being. While Thomas lost his hand during his game against Dr. Goodweather, he's still sitting pretty after his successful maneuvering around humanity's search for a quick fix.

New York City's chances of survival are undoubtedly looking pretty grim. While there's still some knowledge to be had from the Occido Lumen, and the partnership of Eldritch Palmer and Abraham Setrakian could find some backhanded way to subvert The Master's plans, it's not like all options have been expended. Though if we're being honest, it seems way too early for any sort of optimism to be triumphing in The Strain, as the ever present darkness seems to be having its way.

With four episodes left in the season, The Strain looks like it could be setting up for something big. If you're a fan of the books, you might have an idea where things are heading, though there are certain key pieces that need to fall into place in order to deliver the crushing blow that met fans when they finished "The Fall." Even more pressure is on, considering the recent announcement that there's only one more season left in the series' life span, which makes us wonder how truncated the plot will become, considering the previous plan called for 20 episodes worth of story to finish things up.

For now, we'll be taking things one episode at a time, as The Strain will be coming back to FX next Sunday at 10 PM EST.

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