The Big Bang Theory: First Look At Sheldon And Amy As Roommates

In the years that The Big Bang Theory has been around, we've seen factions of this group of friends come together in ways both romantic and non, introducing a whole host of fantastic family members in the process. Even though Sheldon and Amy have been dating for over half of that time - even going so far as to "do it" at least once - they have yet to take the plunge toward living together. But that dynamic will be tested out in an upcoming episode as the two become temporary roommates. Here's a first look at how that will go.

big bang theory amy sheldon roommates

Here's how The Big Bang Theory is letting this all play out. In "The Cohabitation Experimentation," trouble occurs when Amy's apartment gets flooded, making it uninhabitable for a while. And so the only feasible option for all parties in that scenario is obviously to have Amy take her stuff over to Sheldon and Leonard's apartment for a while. Which is instantly going to make them both realize that living together is the obvious next step in their relationship, and everyone will live happily ever after. Right? Ehhh, maybe not.

We all know that Sheldon isn't someone who takes changes with an easy-go-lucky attitude, so even something as seemingly normal as moving in with a long-time (overall) girlfriend would be like moving a mountain with his mind. I imagine that Amy is completely on board with it, though, and that she'll spend part of her time cooping up with the Coopster trying to push his brain in that direction. (Incidentally, I've got a pilot script ready to go for Cooping with the Coopster, which doesn't have to take place inside of a chicken coop as stated.) Here's another peek at the studious couple, this time not looking so happy about things.

amy sheldon big bang theory roommates

You can already tell what's happening here. She gets her stuff inside. They're now "roomies." Suddenly, there's absolutely nothing for them to do together. The question is, however, whether or not they'll get to doing the deed again now that they're on his turf. He might not want to do that to his sheets, but perhaps the floor. Or maybe other things will happen. The night is still young or something.

Want to see even more? At this point, their clothes have changed and it looks like things are going a little smoother. More for her, I guess.

big bang theory

Still bringing in the massive ratings that other shows would move in with Sheldon for, The Big Bang Theory airs on CBS (opens in new tab) every Monday night at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see when more of your favorite shows are coming back to the small screen, check out our fall TV schedule.

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