Will Amy And Sheldon Ever Live Together On The Big Bang Theory? Here's What We Know

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The Big Bang Theory's slowest-moving couple finally took some major strides forward in Season 9 as Sheldon and Amy finally slept together. Now, the big question concerns where Sheldon and Amy may be going next. It took them six years to go from meeting to ending up in bed together, and there's not necessarily an end for the series in sight, but we can expect that they won't need another half decade to take the next step forward. Cohabitation may be in the cards for Season 10. Executive producer Steve Molaro had this to tease about the future of Sheldon and Amy:

There are some big experiments in store for them and their relationship. It's not a trick, he's aware of what's happening. Everyone will have all the apprehensions of whatever they're gonna feel and they'll work their way through it like they have for the last six years.

That's right. Casa de Shamy could be in the works sooner rather than later, and that living situation would mean a significant change to the show's status quo. Big Bang Theory has gone through a lot of alterations over the years, but the one major constant has been the apartment of Leonard and Sheldon. The boys spent most of the series to date as roommates, and even Leonard's marriage to Penny didn't result in a total split from his life in Apartment 4A with Sheldon.

It's a safe bet that The Big Bang Theory would move Amy in with Sheldon rather than give up the iconic 4A set. Still, a Sheldon/Amy cohabitation would be a big switcheroo. Steve Molaro's tease to EW about what could be next for everybody's favorite awkward lovebirds is definitely reason to get excited about Season 10.

Of course, The Big Bang Theory really can't stall Sheldon and Amy much longer. The Season 8 reveal that Sheldon had his hands on an engagement ring raised the stakes on all things Shamy, and the surprisingly sweet Big Bang big bang took the couple past a point of no return. Cohabitation makes sense as the next step for them, and it could really make the show funnier than ever. Seriously, just imagining Amy trying to use science to prove to Sheldon that they need to move in together is worth a laugh. If anybody could ultimately convince Sheldon that living together would be the right thing to do in the name of research and development, it would be Amy.

There's no saying at this point just when we might get to see Sheldon and Amy schlepping furniture around in their relationship. The Season 9 finale featured a pregnancy bombshell from Bernadette that definitely needs addressing, and Sheldon may be distracted in the premiere by the fact that his mom slept with Leonard's dad. Throw in Penny's family, and there will be a lot going on. Tune in to CBS on Monday, September 19 at 8 p.m. ET to catch the Season 10 premiere of The Big Bang Theory. Don't forget to check out our fall TV premiere schedule to see when your other favorite shows will return to the airwaves.

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