Spoiler warning for those who have yet to watch the Season 3 premiere for The Flash.

As one would have expected from any episode of television that could have followed The Flash's Season 2 finale, the third season opener "Flashpoint" is one wild trip through time that offered up plenty of memorable moments that will surely come back to haunt Barry & Co. as the season continues. Here are the five most insane things that happened in "Flashpoint" as a result of Barry's impulsive timeline alterations.

Cisco As a Bazillionaire

I guess this counts as several moments, which means I'm already cheating, but I figured we might as well go with the most light-hearted option right away, even if light-hearted equates to "pompous douche" at times. Actor Carlos Valdes is pretty genius as an ego-driven and extroverted version of Cisco's usual self, and even in a different timeline, he can't help but drop villainous names (such as Weather Wizard) and make pop culture references. ("Ba-ba-dook, there's your Rival.") Many actors lose cool points when they play shitheads, and even Tom Cavanagh could get irksome when his various Wells iterations wanted to be spiny, but Valdes and Cisco are the perfect match no matter what the character traits. Plus, Cisco brought up how someone can die by having a speedster's hand vibrating through their chest, meaning he might also have some Vibe powers in this timeline.

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