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The Parents Television Council is notorious for panning just about everything on the small screen that can be deemed racy or inappropriate, ranging from entire series to annual awards shows. A TV season just doesn't feel complete until the PTC finds something wrong with a network lineup. In a surprise twist, however, the PTC has found something to celebrate in the fall 2016 roster. As it turns out, Fox's Pitch is a home run of a show for the Parents Television Council. Huzzah for Pitch!

Exhaustive research indicates that the Parents Television Council is not actually pulling a prank with its recent announcement that Pitch is an acceptable viewing option for the whole family this fall. The PTC genuinely seems to be supporting something. In fact, the only complaint the council seems to have about Pitch is that Fox isn't airing it at an optimum time to attract the biggest audience. The Thursday night time slot sometimes pits Pitch up against other sports programming that can be considered family friendly, including NFL broadcasts, because nothing objectionable ever happens on NFL broadcasts. The rest of the TV lineup may be filled with a bunch of gosh darn malarkey, but at least there's one show that's worth a heck of a lot of wholesome enjoyment.

The standard operating procedure for the PTC usually involves warning advertisers to frak off from paying for commercials during racier shows; in the case of Pitch, the PTC is reaching out to suggest to advertisers that they invest in commercial time. The new baseball series is evidently so inoffensive to the PTC that it doesn't believe any consumers could possibly feel alienated. Son of a building block, this is good news! Hopefully Pitch doesn't invite Miley Cyrus to guest star. There's probably no surer way to draw the ire of the PTC than to involve Miley Cyrus.

That said, the PTC has admitted to making mistakes in the past. The council came clean - well, cleaner - last year and copped to the fact that it was hasty in referring to The CW's Jane the Virgin as "offensive" and "over-the-top." Jane the Virgin has admittedly strayed from what the PTC might consider the straight and narrow, but Jane has always been a leading lady to root for. Hopefully Pitch will remain on the PTC's radar as a dang good show to watch. It would be a shame if the council came to consider its endorsement for Pitch another mistake.

Only time will tell if Pitch will remain on the air long enough for the PTC to possibly alter its stance. The ratings aren't great at the moment, but it does air in a competitive time slot. It might have an easier time drawing an audience if the Parents Television Council gets its way and the show moves to a different place in the Fox lineup.

Pitch airs on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. Check out our TV premiere schedule to see what else you can catch on the small screen this fall. Be warned, however: the PTC probably doesn't approve of the whole fricking lineup.

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