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The production on Game of Thrones got started later than usual this year, and one of the big reasons for the late start has everything to do with the weather. Toward the end of Season 6, winter finally came to Westeros, which means the weather needs to be cold for the Game of Thrones creative team to get the shots they need for Season 7. When I say cold weather, I mean cold. Check out Game of Thrones lead Emilia Clarke freezing her tush off in freezing Irish winds.

Emilia Clarke spent at least one day this week fighting crazy Irish winds that basically knocked her about and even made her fall over. In her Instagram post, she mentions the wind is whipping at 50 mph in Northern Ireland. She also says that the view makes it worth it. I hope she's also thinking that the final product will make it worth it, but when things are cold and windy, it can be very difficult to think completely clearly. At least Emilia Clarke has that giant parka on to combat the wind and wintry cold.

One of the things I'm honestly most interested in related to Season 7 are the costumes. Jon Snow and the rest of the Crows already have thick winter gear, but we've mostly seen the people in King's Landing in lighter gear, or at least sans huge, thick cloaks. Dany's wardrobe, especially, should be changing during the upcoming season.

We've mostly seen her in lightweight dresses with plenty of cutouts and interesting cuts, but now that she's hopped on a boat in the attempt to reclaim her birthright, she'll need to try out some newer, warmer clothing. The Game of Thrones wardrobe department should have some fun challenges ahead of them.

Game of Thrones is nearing its endgame at this point. Over the past several months, showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff, along with HBO, announced that right now the plan is to air two more shortened seasons of the popular drama. Season 7 is expected to air in 2017 and Season 8 is expected to air in 2018. The creative team has said they have decided on this timeline so as not to "pad" the winter storyline and so that the show can go out on a high note.

Game of Thrones Season 7 just started production at the beginning of September, so it will definitely still be a while before the next set of episodes air. In fact, we don't know a ton about the upcoming episodes, yet, although a few casting announcements have dropped down the pipeline. To learn what we know about Season 7 so far, head here.

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