Who Ron Swanson Would Vote For President, According To Nick Offerman

Regardless of who you plan to vote for this November, this year's election has been particularly tough on everyone. There's been a parade of scandals and controversies from both candidates, and at times like these I like to think of my personal mantra, "What would Ron Swanson do?" Luckily, I don't have to ponder what he'd do this time, because Nick Offerman has weighed in on who his famous character would vote for. It's a pretty spot-on analysis, so check it out.

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Apparently, Nick Offerman has been relentlessly asked by fans how his character Ron Swanson from the amazing Parks and Recreation would vote this election. Deciding to finally put it to rest, Offerman took to Twitter to give THE final answer on who Ron would vote for, were he a real person. It looks like Hillary Clinton gets the coveted Swanson vote of approval (the only vote that matters), but really only because he couldn't vote for Donald Trump, especially since he went from being a business man to a politician.

As fans of Parks and Rec will know, Ron Swanson was famously a libertarian and didn't really side with either Republicans or Democrats. In fact, he hated most forms of government and wished for nothing more than to see it all crumble down to the ground. But Ron's a patriot, so he would still choose to vote for somebody, even if neither are his first choice. While Ron has always believed that corporations in the private sector should run the government, he apparently wouldn't support Trump (a businessman) entering politics. Swanson isn't a fan of politicians and government, so he would likely feel betrayed by Trump's choice to enter the world of politics.

That doesn't mean Ron Swanson would like Hillary Clinton, though. Ron has a strong hatred for any and all career politicians, so Clinton isn't exactly his ideal candidate for office. Either way you look at it, Ron would still rather see the government run by one person at a desk, preferably one with experience in woodworking.

If you'd like to see more of Ron Swanson's opinions on government and other things, then check out this compilation of some of his classic Swanson wisdom.

Though Parks and Rec has been over for a few years, you can next see Nick Offerman in The Founder, where he plays the true creator of McDonald's, which is then stolen from him by a more savvy businessman (Ron probably would have loved the results but not the methods). The Founder hits theaters on December 16, 2016.

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