The Price Is Right Just Had One Of The Craziest Moments In Game Show History

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There are plenty of reasons why people watch game shows, from vicarious competition to the shame-filled joy in watching other people completely blow it on TV in front of millions of people, but few, if any, watch specifically to see TV history be made. That definitely happened on this morning's The Price is Right, however, when all three big wheel contestants managed to roll a $1.00 total. What's more, they each took two spins in order to do it. What. The. Hell.

Manfred, Cathryn and Jessica were already pretty ecstatic people for earning their spots in front of the wheel on The Price is Right., but there's no way any one of them could have predicted the intense exhilaration that was to come when all three of them were jumping up and down beneath the digital "$1.00" sign. A three-way tie on The Price is Right is as common as a rabbit's foot shaped like a four-leaf clover, and this particular instance comes as close to defying logic as anything else on morning TV. For not only did they all tie on the optimal dollar amount, but nobody lucked out by hitting the $1.00 spot on the wheel, and they each had to push the odds even further by nailing it in two spins.

I don't even think anything else in game show land is comparable. (Though seeing all three Jeopardy contestants losing everything in Final Jeopardy came close.) Check out the bonkers moment in the video below, and try not to jump up and down when Cathryn during her impeccable celebration dance.

Did anybody else applaud after watching? The Price is Right has been on the air for over 40 years, and a lot of crazy moments have happened during that times, both good and bad. (And really bad.) But something of this magnitude is destined for history books, even if it's just written in the margins above something about war. It's technically not a statistical miracle or anything, since the 8,000+ episode count is a relatively small sample size, but it's still not something that seemed likely to happen during the game show's life span.

The Price is Right itself gave a proper shout out to the three contestants on social media, where everyone's glee is perfectly encompassed in still form (before Manfred went on to actually win and head to the showcase).

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The Price is Right airs weekday mornings on CBS, but you probably won't ever see anything like this again. And now we'll open up the floor to conspiracy theorists who say nothing about the big wheel's movements is truly random, and that Drew Carey is actually a reptilian alien meant to take over humankind.

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