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Spoilers for The Flash's latest episode are below, so be warned.

Supervillains should always hit up Central City when they're wanting to cause some havoc, since The Flash is a show well known for keeping the door open for antagonists to return. And for tonight's "The New Rogues," just such a thing happened. Well, sort of. It turns out Barry's Flashpoint meandering has somehow led to Killer Frost coming back, and it wasn't a resurrection of her Earth-2 form, either.

First revealed in the episode after Barry got trapped within the mirror world by Mirror Master, Caitlin Snow's altered Earth-1 identity actually led to Barry escaping, since she finished up the mirror-freezing that the other S.T.A.R. Labs team members were working on. At the moment, it seemed maybe the similarities to Killer Frost were limited to Caitlin's ability to shoot ice from her hands. But in the episode's closing seconds, audiences shared in Caitlin's surprise as she started to be taken over by the villainous personality by way of bluish lips and a light streak in her hair.

killer frost flash season 3

So what the hell is happening here? Caitlin manifesting the powers of an Earth-2 double almost has to be tied to Flashpoint, although crazier explanations aren't out of the question. Doctor Alchemy's involvement is possible, even though he's only been known to work with different timelines in giving people back their powers, not different dimensions. Still, he is the Season 3 villain who can give people powers, so that makes him an easy candidate.

The general return of Killer Frost wasn't a big surprise to anyone who's kept up with Flash news, since Kevin Smith inadvertently revealed it back when he shared the script page for the first episode he directed this season. (It's coming in a few weeks.) But that called for speculation about how Earth-2's Zoom-killed version of Killer Frost could exist again, and not about Earth-1 Caitlin's newfound icy powers. As it usually goes with this show, one has to do general guesswork just to figure out how to properly compose specific guesswork about a situation.

Cisco was rocking out his Vibe powers in tonight's episode, too, but is this post-Flashpoint Cisco going to be fully invested in using his transdimensional abilities for good, or will he also start to show signs of his Earth-2 opposite? In Cisco's case, he would be turning into Reverb, which would not be very good for Barry and everyone else.

With dozens more questions to lay on viewers, The Flash airs Tuesday nights on The CW at 8:00 p.m. ET. Here's hoping we get some answers sooner rather than later.

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