When The Flash Will Bring Killer Frost Back

Caitlin Snow may be one of Barry Allen’s closest allies on The Flash, but she won’t always be one of the good guys. At some point during the show’s run, she will cease to be the sweet scientist fans have grown to adore and become the supervillain Killer Frost. Barry Allen caught a glimpse of Caitlin’s future while traveling though the time stream in the Season 1 finale, and her villainous self definitely looked intimidating. Previously, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg stated that he and the other writers weren’t sure when Caitlin’s transition to the dark side would occur, but now it looks as if it will be happening sooner than expected.

While speaking about DC Entertainment about The Flash’s successful first season, actress Danielle Panabaker mentioned that viewers will be seeing Caitlin’s icy persona appear in the near future. Said Panabaker:

You will see Killer Frost very soon, actually.

A vague statement to be sure, but at least we can take comfort in knowing that Caitlin’s villainous persona won’t be put on the back-burner for Season 2. Of course, Panabaker didn’t say whether our next Killer Frost sighting would actually be the full transformation of the character or just more foreshadowing towards her destiny. Logically the latter makes more sense, but The Flash has always done a good job with subverting the audience's expectations. Then there’s also the possibility of a Caitlin from an alternate timeline or universe that makes her way to the show’s main universe to cause trouble for our Flash. Once you introduce audiences to the concept of parallel worlds, anything is possible.

Although she shares her name with the New 52 Killer Frost, exactly how Caitlin will turn into Killer Frost on The Flash remains uncertain. In “Fast Enough,” Caitlin married her fiancé Ronnie Raymond, so with a new husband and a loving group of friends, life is pretty good right now, y’know, aside from the reality threatening vortex hovering over Central City. Powers-wise, she could be like Cisco in that she may be affected by the particle accelerator explosion, just with abilities that took longer to surface. As for her personality shift, it’s hard to picture the kind and sensitive (if not slightly uptight) Caitlin turning into an icy antagonist, so whatever happens, it will have to be something shocking and tragic.

What will especially be interesting is how Killer Frost’s dynamic with Firestorm will be on The Flash. In the comics, those two are arch-enemies, but right now, she’s married to one-half of the Nuclear Man. Something tells me that no amount of couples counseling will fix whatever hard feelings these two will eventually have towards each other. Unlike Captain Cold and Heat Wave, this fire and ice duo will have it in for each other big time.

The Flash will return with new episodes this fall on The CW.

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