The Flash: First Look At Mirror Master Already Has Barry In Trouble

Mild spoilers below for the latest episode of The Flash.

Tonight's "Magenta" brought another powerful female villain to The Flash, with Doctor Alchemy pulling the strings behind Joey King's arrival. There is a good chance that cloaked antagonist will be the source of many more metahumans' wreaking havoc in Season 3, and next week's episode will introduce comic book baddie Mirror Master, who popped up in the post-episode trailer and put Barry in immediate danger. Check him out below.

the flash mirror master

For The Flash, Mirror Master/Sam Scudder is being portrayed by Aquarius star Grey Damon, and while we don't get to see much of him in the trailer for "The New Rogues," he makes a mighty fine impression. It's hard not to appear slightly intimidating when you're standing on the other side of a mirror, since that's not exactly something we see everyday. Or ever. And he only looks more intimidating with the devious Top (Ashley Rickards) by his side. Barry is going to have some trouble with these guys, especially if there's a carnival with a funhouse in town. Will Jesse Quick be around to help?

This live-action version of Mirror Master won't have the comic character's signature gun, but that doesn't mean he won't pose an appropriate threat to everyone in Central City. The Flash can't even go an entire preview without getting thrown into whatever mirror world Scudder is working with. Barry better hope he doesn't get whiplash from this.

the flash mirror master

Of course, we shouldn't expect for Barry to find himself trapped inside of a reflection-based reality for very long, as there are many more things for him to do, such as continue smooching Iris. (And maybe you can just turn your phone off for five minutes, Barry, since you don't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic or anything.) All the changes made to this timeline by his Flashpoint actions might be reason enough for Barry to want to stay inside an alternate reality, though. He can't solve one problem without causing two more, so it would be hard to blame him for taking a same-timeline vacation from all this mess. I mean, it would be very easy to blame him, but still.

Mirror Master will be a recurring role for Grey Damon in Season 3 of The Flash, so we probably shouldn't expect to see him fall to a quick defeat by the time the credits role. We have yet to meet the second big bad Savitar, so it's possible Sam Scuddard, Top and Doctor Alchemy will pool their resources to take the Scarlet Speedster down in the weeks leading up to that reveal.

The Flash will continue building up its massive lineup of antagonists every Tuesday night on The CW at 8:00 p.m. ET. You can watch the entire preview for "The New Rogues" on the next page. To see when other shows will drop their masterplans on viewers, check out our fall TV schedule.

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