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Every year around the holidays, the various networks and cable channels try to get us into the spirit by airing Christmas and holiday specials. A lot of these are reruns of old movies like It's A Wonderful Life or A Charlie Brown Christmas. However, sometimes we get some new programming to throw into the mix. In fact, this year, we are getting some brand new programming on the CW, and one of those programs is even being hosted by Terry Crews.

terry crews saves christmas

New series Terry Crews Saves Christmas is headed to the CW for four nights and five episodes during December. The new series is expected to follow the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star as he visits "hopeless holiday enthusiasts" and then teaches them how Christmas should really be done in their households. It's actually mostly going to be a Christmas tricks and tips sort of show, but with Terry Crews around, it should be more entertaining than the average home design shows you see on DIY and HGTV. In addition, if you were wondering how Terry Crews became such an expert in holiday design, don't fret. The man will be working with a slew of experts; therefore, he mostly sounds as if he will be there for levity.

Terry Crews Saves Christmas will kick off on Tuesday, December 20 and run through December 24 on the CW. It's part of a huge holiday push the network has going. Literally, the network also has plans to air Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer on November 25. On December 12, the network will host a holiday commercials countdown, which should features some laughers as a well as some tearjerkers. Another countdown will air on December 14 and this one will be The Top 12 Greatest Christmas Movies Of All Time, which sounds more like a Buzzfeed list than a TV show, but we'll take it.

Later in the month, the CW will get into event programming. On December 15, the network will air the iHeartradio Jingle Ball 2016. The next evening the CW has slated The 85th Annual Christmas Parade to air. Then, at the end of the month, the aforementioned Terry Crews specials will finally air. There's a lot of good stuff airing after TV wraps up its fall season, and we can't wait to hear what some of the other networks have in store.

We know you are probably pretty excited about the upcoming events, particularly those involved Mr. Crews. The good news? If you absolutely can't wait to get your Terry Crews fix until December, the good news is that new episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine air on Tuesday nights on Fox at 8 p.m. ET. In addition, if you would like to see what is headed to TV around the holidays, do take a look at our TV premiere schedule.

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