How To Dominate Plinko On The Price Is Right, According To Drew Carey

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Drew Carey has been the head of The Price is Right for some time now, and over the years he's learned some tips and tricks about how to play the game. During a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Drew Carey answered a slew of questions about his daytime game show, including whether or not he really likes the hugs from contestants (he does) and whether or not the "I" is the correct point to drop the chip from during a round of Plinko. Here's what he has to say about playing Plinko:

My theory is, you should drop it from the center, and the dot of the 'I' is, if you're looking at it, is off to the left just a little bit. So, you want to drop it where the break in the 'N' is on the bottom. You wanna drop it from there, that's right in the middle. If I was playing Plinko I would drop it from right there and just let it go. I wouldn't shove it or put any spin on it... that to me has the best chance of winning $10,000.

Apparently, the crew on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert really enjoys putting The Price is Right on during the daytime shift while they are getting other work done. Over time, they've come to consider the "I" to be prime real estate in terms of where to drop Plinko chips. Intriguingly, Drew Carey doesn't feel the same way.

Over the years, we've seen plenty of people win Plinko after dropping chips down near different letters. There's not an exact science to Plinko, as the pieces move around the board a bit willy-nilly after they are dropped. In fact, there's the notorious Plinko winner who won $30,100 after essentially dropping the slew of chips she earned from the same place near the letter "L."

So, obviously there are different ways Plinko works out for different contestants, but it's still interesting to hear Drew Carey's take on the popular Price is Right game. The man has been on The Price is Right since 2007, and he's seen plenty of winners and losers over the years. He has a level of knowledge and access to the games that most superfans don't even get to see. If you'd like to see his other tips and tricks, you can catch the full interview with Stephen Colbert here.

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