Watch A Price Is Right Contestant Get Ridiculously Honest With Drew Carey

All The Price is Right contestants are not created equal. Some are great at bidding and playing the games while others are not so hot. Regardless of other contestant’s talent levels, we’ve never seen someone be as ridiculously honest as Kenny, who has to choose between the sale costs of objects on the show. Check out his amusing Price is Right segment, below.

After winning with a $1 bid to get onstage, Kenny meets Drew Carey, who tells him that he has a pretty sweet shirt that features games from the show. Amusingly, Kenny admits he’s only been watching for the last week and the games are what aired while he was watching. Carey has a good laugh at the comment and then explains the game, telling his bluntly honest contestant that all he has to do is get introduced to two products and choose which is the bigger bargain. One’s a 55-inch TV and the other is a fancy-looking propane grill. While the audience screams about the TV, our friend Kenny has some sage advice to share with the folks watching at home.

My name is Kenny, I’ve been making wrong decisions my whole life; I’m gonna go with the grill.

When Carey reveals the TV is actually $1000 off, things look a little grim for Kenny, but luckily, the grill is $1500 off. Personally, I’m pretty pleased for Kenny, as it would have sucked for him to have lost the challenge after refusing to go along with the people yelling loudest in the audience. Contestants do choose incorrectly all the time on this series, so the game could just as easily have gone the other way.

While flubs are always funny on The Price is Right, usually it’s the feel-good stories on the show that have the most value. Like when Snoop Dogg popped up and won money for charity.

Or that time when the plinko machine was rigged and a lucky contestant got to take home more than 30K!

The Price is Right has been on the air for decades, and while we do miss Bob Barker and his shenanigans frequently, I love how Drew Carey has the ability to laugh at and with new contestants and get them to open up and say outlandish things on the show. You keep on being you, Kenny.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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