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There's absolutely no denying that Netflix's Stranger Things has become a total phenomenon. If you have eyes, you've probably watched at least one episode, and if you have ears you have probably listened to its awesome theme song at least once. We're all on pins and needles waiting to see where the gloriously retro Netflix series will take things next, and it seems that the official cast of Season 2 was just announced in the best possible way. Check it out below and prepare to get disoriented.

Although you probably have to tilt your head to get a clearer look at the tweet, there's still plenty of telling details to glean. The caption of the photo states that production of the next season of the Netflix series has officially commenced, and we can expect to see more Stranger Things next year. It's also definitely worth noting that Millie Bobby Brown is one of the actors sitting at the table, which serves as definitive confirmation that Eleven will definitely return next season. Rumors had begun to swirl about her return over the last few days, but this tweet is the first official confirmation of that fact. Now it's just a question of whether or not she still has a deep-seated love of Eggo Waffles.

Right off the bat it's abundantly clear that this tweet serves as a perfect indicator that some familiar and terrifying locations will once again appear in the second season of Stranger Things. Although Eleven managed to seemingly destroy the Demogorgon at the end of Season 1, we haven't seen the last of the demonic parallel dimension known as The Upside Down. Will Byers brought elements of The Upside Down back with him when his mother rescued him, and that is going to have untold consequences for the future of the series. After all, coughing up supernatural slugs is generally never a good sign.

That being said, while almost every major character seems to have returned for the second season of Stranger Things, there's still one notable absence. Sorry folks; Barb isn't coming back anytime soon. #JusticeForBarb.

By now your neck is getting a bit tired. Here's a straightened out version of the photo so you don't pull something.

Stranger Things Season 2 Netflix

CinemaBlend will bring you any and all relevant details pertaining to the upcoming season of Stranger Things as more information becomes available to us. The second season of the hit series will debut in 2017. For now make sure to check out our comprehensive midseason premiere guide and fill out your TV viewing schedules accordingly!

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