Gotham's Morena Baccarin Has Another TV Show Coming That Sadly Isn't More Firefly

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Just a few days after Firefly's Alan Tudyk revealed a scene he and Nathan Fillion have always wanted to shoot, we have Firefly on the brain. Which is why when Morena Baccarin announced she was heading to another TV project, our minds obviously went there. Unfortunately, it's not even sci fi where Morena Baccarin is heading. Instead, she's set to headline an NBC legal drama which is unfortunately currently untitled. The drama, if it moves forward, would be part law and part police-oriented.

Numb3rs Ken Sanzel is putting the project together for NBC. If it moves forward, Morena Baccarin would star as a former police officer who has gone to law school and become a high-powered attorney. She'll be living and working in New York, and if the drama gets a pick-up, we'll also get to see into the nuances of the character's personal life. The potential project would look at police misconduct and more from a human perspective, per Deadline. The untitled project has a script commitment. Tony Krantz, Morena Baccarin, Ken Sanzel and Elliott Halpern will executive produce.

Morena Baccarin has spent the last several seasons on Gotham, Fox's comic book series. (If we're talking comics projects, she also appears in the Deadpool franchise.) However, her arc on that show has become somewhat less important as she drifted away from Jim Gordon, and now she's set to marry a man who actually becomes a criminal in the comics series. Should Morena Baccarin hop to another series, it would be pretty easy for the show to write her off, and that's only if Gotham isn't already planning to kill off the character. Gotham currently has her slated as a regular until she would leave the show for NBC, but that doesn't mean her character is 100% safe. Alternatively, while Gotham's ratings have been steady enough on Monday nights this season, they aren't stellar and there's no guarantee the show will even return next year. It's probably a smooth move to field pilot offers.

While there's no guarantee that the untitled legal drama will head to series on NBC, that network in particular has done well with procedural-type shows in the past---especially with Law & Order and its spinoffs, which also mix the world of police work with the world of courtrooms and legal ramifications. If this project ever gets a title, I could see it fitting right in.

Usually the networks make final decisions about upcoming programming in the spring, which is also around the same time the final decisions are made regarding what will be cancelled and what will be renewed. A lot could happen in that time, on Gotham and elsewhere. To find out what the major networks have coming up at midseason, head here.

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