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Internet trends are a dime a dozen lately. From the scare cams to the cinnamon challenge, everyone is ready to whip out their phone in an attempt to go viral and cash in on trends. The latest of these is the mannequin challenge, which sees participants frozen in time as creative camerawork captures each little scene. Just about everyone is doing the mannequin challenge, including even Hillary Clinton and her staff. The latest group to take the challenge is the cast of NBC's Saturday Night Live, which used the trend in order to publicize alumnus Kristen Wiig returning to host the show.

Every week SNL creates a few videos to announce/increase anticipation over their newest host. Before Kristen Wiig's latest turn hosting, they've made an impressive mannequin challenge video, complete with a variety of favorite characters. Check it out below.

Pretty awesome, right? This is one of the most impressive mannequin challenges I've ever seen. But considering the talent and budget behind Saturday Night Live, they better kick everyone else's ass.

The challenge is set at SNL's studios, which they used to include the current cast of actors, as well as Kristen Wiig herself.

What will immediately catch your eye is SNL's impressive use of props, which helped to create the illusion of time halting. The first of these props is Aidy Bryant's bubble gum, which is perfectly blown up and paused throughout the video. From there, the props only get more marvelous. Pete Davidson and Cecily Strong are shown as they apparently did the old Coca-Cola and mentos experiment. The result is a stream of soda flying into the air, and remarkably frozen in time. Props to the props department, because that was pretty damn magical. And just after that moment a can of paint is shown spilling onto the studio floor, featuring how far the SNL team went to make this mannequin challenge one for the record books.

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Another standout moment from the short video is the return of David S. Pumpkins' backup dancers. David S. Pumpkins (played by a hilariously bizarre Tom Hanks) has been one of the highlight sketches of this season, and it was a joy to see Bobby Moynihan and newcomer Mikey Day bring back their ridiculous skeletal characters for a brief moment. Considering how well received David S Pumpkins was in the Tom Hanks episode, I'm sure we can expect to see them returning every spooky season.

The clip ends with Kristen Wiig and her signature awkwardness. After hitting her pose and freezing, she quickly starts to glance around, and her uncomfortability is palpable. And the whole shebang gets a final laugh when Wiig's Ghostbusters costar Leslie Jones walks into frame and asks "Why ya'll still still like this? Huh?" As usual, Jones is delightful and totally steals the scene.

Kristen Wiig will be returning to host Saturday Night Live this Saturday, November 19th.

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