Ever since Barry Allen received his own show following his introduction during Arrow's second season, The CW's DC crossovers have become some of the most highly anticipated annual events. From the Flash vs. Arrow battle to last year's backdoor for Legends of Tomorrow, the intermingling of small screen heroes has never failed to disappoint. However, the Arrow-verse now seems poised to reach never-before-seen heights with the upcoming 4-way "Heroes vs. Aliens" crossover event. Despite our excitement for the upcoming crossover, there's still plenty that we don't know. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the five most pressing questions bouncing around in our brains regarding "Heroes vs. Aliens." Let's get started with the implications of Supergirl's introduction to the Arrow-verse, and tell us what you think about our entries in the comments.

Arrowverse crossover

Will Aliens Become An Accepted Part of the Arrow-verse?

Although aliens are definitely an accepted concept on Supergirl's Earth - they sort of have to be when the main character on that series is an alien - they have yet to receive any sort of genuine introduction on Earth-1. And no, a reference to Hal Jordan doesn't count. Given the fact that The Dominators are threats that hail from outer space, we're wondering how exposed this battle will be to the public eye. Will aliens become an accepted fact of Earth-1 life like metahumans and super soldiers, or will our DC heroes keep the existence of these extraterrestrial villains a secret? Aliens raise a ton of questions, as well as an equal number of potential storylines, so it's pretty interesting either way.

Arrow The Flash

How Will The Non-powered Heroes Contribute To The Crossover?

One of the biggest issues that has consistently plagued the Arrow-verse (as well as most other live-action superhero adaptations) is the issue of making non-powered superheroes seem useful compared to their super-powered counterparts. It's much easier to sell the idea that a ninja can go toe-to-toe with a god in a cartoon or comic book than in a live-action series. Sure, Oliver Queen and Sara Lance are total badasses, but at the end of the day, Barry Allen's super-speed and Kara's strength could realistically solve most problems these heroes will face. With the stakes being heightened to unprecedented levels, the upcoming 4-way Arrow-verse crossover will need to put in extra effort to properly convince us that someone like Green Arrow has any business battling a batch of deadly aliens.

Diggle Arrow The Flash Flashpoint

How Will Diggle React To Learning About Baby Sara?

One of the most polarizing creative decisions in the history of the Arrow-verse came earlier this year when Barry Allen's Flashpoint antics accidentally retconned John Diggle's daughter out of existence. At this point, only Barry and Felicity Smoak know that Baby Sara ever existed, but that seems poised to change during the upcoming crossover event. Smart money is on Diggle finding out about Sara's fate, which raises numerous questions regarding how he will react. Will he forgive Barry Allen's actions, or will this create a rift between these two heroes that's unfixable, similar to how the Barry/Cisco dynamic has suffered this season?

Stephen Amell Oliver Queen Laurel Lance Arrow

How Will Oliver Be Affected By His Hallucination?

Out of the four series that will participate in the upcoming Arrow-verse crossover, the Arrowepisode has easily become the most intriguing. Unlike the other series, Arrow will send its protagonist on a dark and personal journey in which he envisions a life where he never donned his green hood. In this world, his parents are still alive, and he's engaged to the alive-again Laurel Lance. Stephen Amell has spoken out and admitted that this episode will provide Oliver with quite a bit of "closure" that has been missing from his life, but we're still dying to know how he will specifically be impacted. Will this alter his outlook on life? Will he change his approach towards fighting crime? We will have to wait and see.

Deathstroke Arrow

How Does Deathstroke Factor In To The Crossover?

One of the strangest (and most welcome) additions to the upcoming 4-way Arrow-verse crossover is the presence of Slade Wilson (a.k.a Deathstroke) within the villainous roster. As glad as we are to see him back in action -- he's been missing since we last saw him on Lian Yu during Season 3 of Arrow -- his presence is also somewhat confusing. The 4-way Arrow-verse crossover deals with the imminent threat of a looming alien invasion, and as such, the presence of a highly skilled mercenary doesn't necessarily make a ton of sense for that part of the arc. Is Deathstroke working with The Dominators? Is he simply out for revenge? Does he just really want to crash a wedding? These are questions that we need answers for.

The CW's DC crossover kicks off with Supergirl on Monday, November 28, with The Flash on Tuesday, Arrow on Wednesday, and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday. Don't miss a single episode!

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