Ever since Barry Allen received his own show following his introduction during Arrow's second season, The CW's DC crossovers have become some of the most highly anticipated annual events. From the Flash vs. Arrow battle to last year's backdoor for Legends of Tomorrow, the intermingling of small screen heroes has never failed to disappoint. However, the Arrow-verse now seems poised to reach never-before-seen heights with the upcoming 4-way "Heroes vs. Aliens" crossover event. Despite our excitement for the upcoming crossover, there's still plenty that we don't know. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the five most pressing questions bouncing around in our brains regarding "Heroes vs. Aliens." Let's get started with the implications of Supergirl's introduction to the Arrow-verse, and tell us what you think about our entries in the comments.

Will Aliens Become An Accepted Part of the Arrow-verse?

Although aliens are definitely an accepted concept on Supergirl's Earth - they sort of have to be when the main character on that series is an alien - they have yet to receive any sort of genuine introduction on Earth-1. And no, a reference to Hal Jordan doesn't count. Given the fact that The Dominators are threats that hail from outer space, we're wondering how exposed this battle will be to the public eye. Will aliens become an accepted fact of Earth-1 life like metahumans and super soldiers, or will our DC heroes keep the existence of these extraterrestrial villains a secret? Aliens raise a ton of questions, as well as an equal number of potential storylines, so it's pretty interesting either way.

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