How Stephen Amell Is Doing After Getting Headbutted By A Fan

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On Arrow, Oliver Queen is dealing with a dangerous duo across two timelines in the mysterious Prometheus and Dolph Lundgren's Konstantin Kovar. And over in real life, actor Stephen Amell dealt with his own mini-adversary recently when an Arrow fanatic headbutted him in the face and challenged his TV persona. The actor recently gave an update on how he's doing, and the world can spend this Thanksgiving being grateful that Amell won't need to have his Arrow mask permanently grafted to his face to cover the injuries.

My face is fine. It feels fine. As it heals, it tends to look a little worse because it started off as all one color. But, now, it's a bunch of weird stuff.

So you hear that, wacky fan that The Flash's Cisco would no doubt dub The Headbutter or the Nogginator? Let this be a lesson that you cannot take Stephen Amell down with your impulsive assaults. He will live to see another day, albeit with weird stuff going on with his face coloring. If that kind of poorly planned approach was how the guy went at a TV actor, how did he think he was ready to take on an actual comic book hero trained in all manner of "whipping idiots' asses" while also being equipped with deadly projectiles? Green Arrow don't play.

It isn't clear at this point if Stephen Amell's skull structure was made stronger by the actor's work on the famed Salmon Ladder, and if the effects the equipment had on his ab muscles was also able to somehow tighten the muscle strength in his face. It seems unlikely, sure, but maybe the magic in his tattoo could...dammit, now I'm the one losing track of what's real and what's Arrow.

Stephen Amell gave this update at Atlanta's Heroes & Villains Fan Fest (via, and he also expanded a bit on exactly what happened, revealing the slice of poetic justice that was served to the overzealous assaulter.

I can't believe it took five years for this to happen, but I was out in a bar in Syracuse having a really good time watching the UFC fights. Some dude taps me on the shoulder. I turn around and he goes 'wham' - head-butts me right in the face. I was like, 'What are you doing?' He was like, 'I want to fight the Green Arrow.' And then I said a bunch of things I can't repeat on stage. I was like, 'No, No. I'm a dad.' And then they kicked him out of the bar.

If only Ragman and the rest of Team Arrow had been at that bar, the guy would have gotten something a little worse than a light ejection. But wait, what if this was all some big viral stunt? We don't really know what sends Oliver Queen into whatever la-la-land he meets all those dead characters in for the 100th episode, so what if it's a big headbutt? What if Arrow IS real, and The Nogginator is the one we should all be following?

As Stephen Amell's face returns to its usual chiseled and non-tender form, Arrow airs Wednesday nights on The CW, with possible traitors and alien invasions on the way. To beat everyone else to the punch - my Pun-arrow was equipped - head to our fall premiere schedule and midseason TV schedule to see what's coming to the small screen in the future.

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