Did Arrow Just Reveal A Traitor On Team Arrow?

Warning: spoilers ahead for the latest episode of Arrow.

Arrow Season 5 spent a lot of time during its first seven episodes establishing a brand new Team Arrow in Star City. Oliver expanded his operation to include Curtis Holt as Mr. Terrific, Rene Ramirez as Wild Dog, Rory Regan as Ragman, and Evelyn Sharp as Artemis. Unfortunately for Oliver, one of the newbies may be working for a different masked man in Star City. The final moments of the episode "Vigilante" showed a rooftop meeting between Artemis and none other than Prometheus.

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Artemis started out as one of the most tolerant of the newbie vigilantes when it came to Oliver's harsh teaching methods, but she's shown signs of unhappiness with Oliver's leadership over the past couple of weeks. In the previous episode, she nearly quit Team Arrow because Oliver hadn't told her that he was a killer during his Hood days in Season 1. She doesn't trust her field commander, and it looks like that mistrust may have driven her to Prometheus.

"Vigilante" wasn't exactly subtle with the message that good and bad are all in the eye of the beholder. The newbies raised the point more than once that they were chasing Vigilante because Oliver decided he was a crazy killer despite the reality that his methods aren't all that different from Oliver's. Then, there was Kovar's assertion in the flashbacks that truth is a matter of perspective. Evelyn might simply have decided to work as a double agent for Prometheus on Team Arrow because she feels he's right to go after Oliver.

All things considered, it would actually make sense if Evelyn betrayed Oliver and turned to Prometheus. Team Arrow hasn't been what Evelyn expected, and she's still reeling from the deaths of her parents at the hands of Damien Darhk. Throw in the fact that she's a 17-year old girl who was just dressed up in high heels and a skimpy dress to act as bait to a bad guy, and I can't blame her for not feeling entirely loyal to Oliver. Even if she is a traitor and a double agent, she's also a kid who has been put in a crazy situation. Oliver never should have brought a teenager into the field with him, and he should share at least some of the blame if Evelyn has truly sided with Prometheus.

At the same time, it's entirely possible that Evelyn isn't a double agent. She may actually be a triple agent, pretending to support Prometheus while actually remaining loyal to Team Arrow. Arrow does love its "Gotcha!" twists. We could definitely be in for a reveal that Evelyn has really been meeting with Prometheus as part of a long con.

A long con against a murderer like Prometheus isn't something that Oliver would probably approve for one of the baby vigilantes. If Evelyn is working Prometheus while still loyal to Team Arrow, we can likely bet that she's doing it in secret so she can eventually prove to Oliver that she's good enough to stand on her own as a vigilante. A plot to try and trick Prometheus will almost certainly backfire spectacularly, but it makes sense as something that Evelyn would try. She's 17 years old, freshly orphaned, and spends her nights being bossed around by a guy in green leather who's not especially emotionally healthy himself. A long con against Prometheus might sound like a grand idea to young Evelyn. As a former 17-year old girl, I really can't emphasize enough how bad of an idea this really is for Evelyn.

Only time will tell whether or not Evelyn truly is a traitor to Team Arrow. We'll probably have to wait a while before we find out. The next episode of Arrow takes place right in the middle of the ginormous CW superhero crossover, and there won't be much time for Evelyn. Evil aliens will have to take precedent. Tune in to The CW on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET to see what's next for Team Arrow on Arrow.

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