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Call The Midwife Just Nabbed A Huge Renewal Order From The BBC

call the midwife season 6

It's rare for a TV series to earn a multiple season renewal order, but it does happen. Popular shows like The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons have earned multiple season orders over the years, and this week the BBC extended a huge renewal order to its popular series Call The Midwife. The drama has been renewed for not one and not two but three more seasons.

Three seasons is a massive renewal order. We've seen shows like Game of Thrones renew the series for two seasons at a time so that the production team could start plotting multiple seasons and we've seen shows like The Big Bang Theory renew the series so that the actors would be locked into contracts for multiple seasons, but three seasons still shows a lot of confidence in a show. It's even bigger when you realize that Call the Midwife actually has four seasons---and multiple Christmas specials---coming.

Today's announcement from the BBC notes that Call the Midwife will be back for Seasons 7, 8 and 9. Regardless, the show hasn't even aired Season 6, yet, and is not expected to air those episodes until 2017. (In The States, episodes air on PBS.) So really we know four more seasons of the hit midwifery series are going to air on the network, which is awesome for fans. In addition, a Christmas schedule is already set for this December, and the network says three more holiday specials will be produced for the additional seasons. Eight episodes will also be produced each season.

If you've been keeping tabs on Call the Midwife, you probably already know that series lead Jessica Raine left the show at the end of Season 3, although Vanessa Redgrave has continued to voice the "mature Jenny" character on the show. Honestly, when Jessica Raine left, I really thought the series would end shortly after. The show was always about her character first and foremost and we didn't even really get a ton of closure when she left. But Call the Midwife was a hit and the BBC clearly didn't want to lose the show. They simply retooled to give the rest of the cast broader plots and to focus a bit more on the personal life of the well-liked former side character, Trixie, played by Helen George.

I was startled that the new version of the show has had longevity, but when you have a series with such great characters like Shelagh, Sister Julienne and so many more, the show offers more than one likable lead. Now, it seems as if the drama will have plenty of time to introduce us to more characters down the line.

The BBC has gone through some rough patches over the past couple of years. They've notably had some trouble with budgets, and of course there was the whole Top Gear fiasco that played out over the past couple of years. The network has a hit with Call The Midwife, so why not offer more of a good thing?

You can catch the Call The Midwife holiday special on December 25. In addition, you can take a look at what is heading to TV with our midseason premiere schedule.

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