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How The Big DC TV Crossover Did For The CW In The Ratings

So, we know by now that The CW did good with their massive four show crossover last week that included Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, but how well did the network do, exactly? Well, we have the answer for you. It turns out that the crossover helped The CW net its highest watched week in six years. So, go CW!

According to Deadline, total viewership numbers for the week of November 28 were up 20% for The CW compared to the same week last year, and were up 15% in the key 18-49 age demographic. The crossover was the first of its kind, with four shows and across four nights of programming, starting (however briefly) on Supergirl last Monday night, and then wrapping up with Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday.

The DC crossovers have become a yearly event for The CW, as the network takes full advantage of the popularity of the superhero shows that they have on the schedule. The first two crossovers involved only Arrow and The Flash, but, as the DC shows on the network have expanded (early this year with Legends of Tomorrow and as of the fall TV season with the addition of Supergirl), The CW made the, apparently awesome, decision to include all the shows in the crossover. All in all, each of the shows saw great viewership numbers during the week of the crossover.

Supergirl started the week off with the network's most watched Monday night in almost seven years with 2.36 million viewers, and was also that show's most watched episode of the season so far. Tuesday saw The Flash hit its most watched episode in almost two years with 4.15 million viewers, and have its highest rated episode of the season. Meanwhile, Arrow's Wednesday night show was the series' most watched episode at 3.55 million viewers and the highest rated episode since last year's crossover, and Legends of Tomorrow had its most watched episode ever with 3.39 million viewers.

Clearly, The CW is onto something when it comes to merging its superhero shows for these crossover events. While three of the four shows (Arrow, The Flash and Legends) take place in the same continuity and Supergirl takes place in its own version of Earth, it's clear that some people don't tune in to all the shows. So, these events are a good way for the network to get extra eyes on each of the series. Considering the success of this year's crossover, there's no reason for the network to not get each show started on a plan for another massive crossover next year. If this event was any indication, it will bring in awesome numbers for The CW, too.

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