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Perhaps no TV show has dominated the pop culture landscape as much as Game of Thrones has. From day one, the fantasy drama has attracted millions of eyes every Sunday to find out the next twist in the battle for the Iron Throne. But...what is it about? It certainly has certain themes and tropes, but what is the show's overall message? That's a question that John Bradley, who plays Samwell Tarly, thinks can only be answered when Game of Thrones finally concludes and we see who's left to rule Westeros.

It's interesting thinking about the end of Game of Thrones. Because we don't know how it ends -- we don't know who wins or who loses -- we've got no idea what kind of story we're telling. We don't know if it's an indictment of how bad people can triumph if good men do nothing, or a redemptive story about good triumphing over evil. We just don't know, so that mystery has fed in to everything we've done so far.

Everybody wants to know how Game of Thrones will finally conclude its massive story, and Digital Spy tried to squeeze out what they could from John Bradley when he sat down for an interview. Bradley doesn't know how the show is going to end just yet, but he thinks that it will represent everything the show has been building towards. The ending of the Great Game will have a particular amount of power, and finally reveal the overall message of the series.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has a number of themes and stories running all at once, which allows the show to have a variety of messages at any given point. It can be about the futility of being good in an inherently cruel world (Ned Stark) or that evil actions have similar consequences (Cersei). but whoever is sitting on the Iron Throne at the end will symbolize what it has all been about. Jon Snow sitting on the Throne will have a different impact than, say, Tyrion or Daenerys. Basically, Game of Thrones has built up a lot of options for itself, making the finale all the more impactful to watch.

Though we can start talking about the ending, we've still got a while to go before we can finally see it played out. Game of Thrones has two seasons left, each with a shorter number of episodes than the previous ones. The filming for Season 7 was already delayed in order to film in the winter, so it will air later than previous seasons during the summer of 2017. The season will consist of seven episodes, as opposed to the usual 10, and it will go off script from the books more than ever.

While we wait for Game of Thrones Season 7 in 2017, check out our midseason TV premiere schedule to learn more about which shows are returning and when.

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