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Here in 2017, James Corden is a popular late night host, propelled along by viral segments, including the famous "Carpool Karaoke." Just a few short years ago, he was a bigger name in Britain, a TV actor just trying to put together a celebrity charity video with George Michael---a video that would ultimately make a big impact on his career. Following George Michaels' recent death, The Late Late Show host paid tribute to the late, great singer on his series. You can watch the touching segment, below.

Back in 2011, James Corden was able to meet his musical idol and put together a sketch for Red Nose Day that featured himself and George Michael driving in a car and singing. The bit featured a character Corden was known for in the U.K. doing the singing with George Michael while he was on the way to Red Nose Day, and it's ultimately that comedy sketch that led to "Carpool Karaoke" when James Corden made it big in the United States.

The Red Nose Day sketch is, in a lot of ways, the original "Carpool Karaoke" as it is that sketch that was sent out to convince Mariah Carey and later other musical celebrities to join The Late Late Show. If you haven't caught the original bit, we do hope you stuck around to the end of the video, as James Corden replayed it for his late night fans. It should go a long way to show you how far James Corden has come in recent years, and how much he honestly does owe to George Michael.

George Michael passed away at the age of 53 on Christmas Day. He was at his home in Goring in the U.K. at the time of his death. Cause of death for the popular singer has been unclear, but sales of George Michaels' music have surged in the wake of the singer's death.

The year 2016 was particularly tough in terms of celebrity deaths. Major musicians, including Prince, David Bowie and Wham!'s George Michael were all taken from us far too soon, and we're not even counting the myriad actors and other entertainers who also passed away last year. Despite the somber nature of the past year, it's still really nice to hear people like James Corden remembering the big names that had an impact on their careers. That's the one nice thing about being a celebrity; there are a lot of people out there who will remember you, long after you are gone.

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