Why 24: Legacy Almost Wasn't A 24 Spinoff At All

corey hawkins 24: legacy

If you've been keeping tabs on Fox's 2016-2017 programming lineup, you may already be aware that the major network has a big reboot of 24 on the way. The new series is expected to feature a new cast and a new terrorist threat, so it's not going to totally be like any other 24 season prior. So why make 24: Legacy a revival series at all? According to executive producer Manny Coto, originally the show didn't plan to be 24: Legacy, and instead had a different direction in mind. Here's what he had to say about why the creative team changed their minds.

No one was actually asking us to bring 24. The more we talked about it, the more we realize this would be really energetic and alive if it were in real time.

I honestly assumed that Fox wanted to capitalize on the success the network had the last time they brought Kiefer Sutherland back for another round of 24, but according to Manny Coto, that wasn't the case at all. In fact, he revealed to EW that the new series didn't start as a remake or a revival. In fact, the only reason the creators eventually got there was because the real time hook in the 24 franchise is so persuasive and exciting.

Plus, let's be honest, sticking 24 in front of a show name does help. That's why so many reboots, remakes and revivals are getting off of the ground these days. Those sorts of projects already have a fanbase built-in. Of course, the remake generally needs to be good to keep people sticking around past the first episode, but people were far more interested in remakes like MacGyver and Lethal Weapon at the start of the TV season than the were about a show like Notorious, despite some big names being attached, so it's clear that having a well-known name has at least some merit.

The new series 24: Legacy will star The Walking Dead actor Corey Hawkins as a former Army Ranger who is learning to adjust to life outside of the service. He'll become embroiled in a terrorism plot when he is targeted for assassination and will go to the Counter Terrorism Unit for help. From there, the real-time antics of the 24 franchise will kick off.

We've been waiting for quite a while for 24: Legacy to get off of the ground, but a few months ago, Fox announced that the new drama will be getting the coveted post-Super Bowl timeslot. So, if you've just been casually interested in the series, it will be really easy to tune in to check out the first episode. If you'd like to see what else is hitting the schedule this winter, check out our TV premiere guide.

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