Comic details and potential TV show spoilers for The Walking Dead are below. You have been warned.

When Season 7 of The Walking Dead started, fans were overwhelmed with expectations for Negan's first murderous act, but the show's death toll got a lot harder to prophesy with the character-specific episodes that followed. The back half of the season, however, will be one where all the communities will come together (possibly even ones we haven't seen yet), and a big war will begin brewing. (Which may or may not have something to do with plastic ducks

Since that makes it a little easier to foresee who might reach the chopping block before Season 8 arrives. Here are the seven characters most likely to die the next batch of episodes, ranked by the likelihood of their dooms.

7. Morgan

The Walking Dead's live-action Morgan bears little resemblance to his comic counterpart at this point, largely because on-the-page Morgan exited this mortal coil earlier in the storyline. Since reaching permanent TV character status, he's been a bo-wielding source of endless patience and sage knowledge, shouldering the show's moral conscience. In just a season and change, Morgan was a saving grace for Carol, a motivational muse for Rick, a builder of jails, and a bridge between the Alexandrians and The Kingdom. As much as I love Lennie James, Morgan has already served enough purposes to make his death a definite possibility, if not the strongest one.

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