With The Walking Dead still more than a month away from airing, we're getting a little antsy wondering how Rick & Co. are going to fare against Negan for the remainder of Season 7. We know that the good guys will rise up in an attempt to overthrow the bat-wielding tyrant's rule, but other than that details are slight. Now, AMC has unleashed a bunch of esoteric Walking Dead images that focus not on the characters, but seemingly random inanimate objects and other assorted oddities that no doubt all mean EVERYTHING.

Here are some of the most interesting images, and what they could mean for our favorite survivors when The Walking Dead returns. Potential spoilers follow.

An Empty Grave

Seeing a grave on The Walking Dead is almost never a good thing, considering how many people bite the dust on this show. But since we know that brighter days are ahead, it's easy to think that maybe this particular hole in the ground isn't meant for a person at all. Viewers know there are a pair of dummy graves in Alexandria where the Saviors think Abraham and Glenn are buried, so who's to say there won't be another one that the group starts using to hide weapons and supplies away from Negan? Or maybe it's one of the ones already there.

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