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The world of cable news has been going through a big shakeup this week, as it was revealed that Fox News star Megyn Kelly would be leaving the network for NBC News. Well, Kelly did her last stint on FOX News tonight, and she gave a heartfelt goodbye to her viewers as she signed off of The Kelly File. Take a look at what she had to say...

Megyn Kelly is clearly grateful to the opportunities that Fox News has given her over the years, and she also seems to know that without the viewers who tuned in to watch her on a regular basis, her time at the network might not have been so successful. She spent 12 years with Fox News, and has become one of the most recognizable faces in news during her time there. Kelly was also one of the most popular broadcasters on the channel, coming in second in viewership only to Bill O'Reilly, and helping the network to some very strong ratings in 2016.

In signing off of Fox News for the last time, Megyn Kelly mentioned that she was "sincerely grateful" to the audience for their "trust, patience and good humor over the years," and that the viewers are what made saying goodbye so difficult for her. She also noted that she feels lucky to have had a job where the ending is "bittersweet" and that she feels she's better for having worked at Fox News.

After a few months of rumors, official news broke this week that Megyn Kelly would not only be leaving Fox News behind, but that she would be signing on to use her talents at NBC News. Reports are indicating that Fox really opened their wallets to try to keep her; offering her $100 million over four years. But, apparently, even though the same reports are noting that NBC offered her less money, she was more interested in leaving Fox behind than she was in cashing in on an even bigger payday. Kelly's new gig at NBC looks, right now, to include a daytime show scheduled to air Monday through Friday, a Sunday evening news magazine show and her participation in breaking news and political and special events coverage.

I'm sure Megyn Kelly will be missed by Fox News viewers who decide, for whatever reason, not to follow her over to her new NBC News programs. But, she will likely have a large group of viewers who will be eager to see what she does on the new network who will tune in once her new shows get started. CinemaBlend will keep you posted as more details about Megyn Kelly's work for NBC becomes available.

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