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TV watching has changed a lot in recent years, and networks have been working to adapt to the times and bring their programs to viewers in a variety of ways. After Planet Earth II was recently pushed back by BBC America, the parent company of that network decided to do something a little bit different with the release. When Planet Earth II finally hits the schedule in the U.S., you'll be able to catch it on more than one channel: BBC America, AMC and Sundance TV.

This is pretty good news, depending on your cable package. If you don't have BBC America as part of your cable package, you may have one of the other AMC-owned channels that is also airing the show. If you're a SlingTV user, you'll also be able to stream the episodes on AMC or BBC America via that package, as well. It was pretty strange when BBC America pushed back the premiere date of Planet Earth II a couple of weeks ago, especially considering the popularity of the original series, but we're now wondering if the date change enabled the other two AMC-owned channels to be able to accommodate the series premiere.

planet earth 2

Now, if only we could get an Imax release, amiright?

So far, the three network telecast only seems to be happening with the premiere, and BBC America says that subsequent episodes will only be able to be caught on BBC America on the Saturday nights subsequent to the premiere. Still, the multi-network airing will make the premiere very easy for audiences to catch.

Planet Earth II has already aired on the BBC in the U.K., which is fortunate for fans living on the other side of the pond, and we've seen some particularly stunning footage from the series already. If you want to take a look at any of that footage prior to release, we suggest the video of snakes chasing lizards or taking a look at a giraffe holding its own when a lion decided it might make a good lunch. Per BBC America, the show was watched by "half" of the U.K. population, and this multi-network showing seems to indicate that the powers that be are hoping to get the series in front of as many eyeballs as possible when it premieres in the U.S. We'll let you know how well the show does as soon as it hits the schedule here next month.

Originally slated to hit the schedule on January 28, Planet Earth II will finally hit the schedule on Saturday, February 18 at 9 p.m. ET. To find out when the rest of your favorites are returning to the schedule, take a look at our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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