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Paris Jackson has been a source of public fascination ever since her famous father Michael Jackson began taking her out in public with a mask on her face. Jackson is now 18, and making her way in the world for the first time. She recently admitted that she's trying to figure out what to do in life as an adult. After a brief stint at a community college, Paris Jackson quit school. More recently, she took a meeting with Lee Daniels, the famed creator of Empire and Star. Reports indicate she may be moving into acting, kicking off with a role in the newer of the two shows.

In a lengthy interview with Rolling Stone, Paris Jackson talked about life growing up with Michael Jackson, but also what she plans to do now that she is an adult. She says she recently met with Lee Daniels, who took a liking to the young woman and potentially burgeoning star. Jackson already has a manager, and while nothing is set in stone yet, she's reportedly in talks to appear in the brand new drama Star. This would mark the first official acting appearance for Jackson.

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However, it wouldn't be Paris Jackson's first time in the spotlight. She's been interviewed in the past by various outlets and talk personalities, appearing on The Ellen Show, Oprah's Next Chapter, E News!, Michael Jackson: The Inside Story and even Criss Angel Trick'd Up. The fact that she has a famous parent and a famous past certainly means that she has more opportunities in the limelight than the average girl trying to get into acting; however, as has been proven with many famous names in the past, the kids of celebrities who are talented will stick around for longer and nab better roles.

In the meantime, Paris Jackson is busy modeling and finding other ways to stay in the public eye. It's a far cry from the early days of her youth, when she was mostly kept sheltered by her much more famous parent. Obviously, this Star gig is still in the early phases, as neither Lee Daniels or Fox have openly stated Paris Jackson is a shoe-in for a role. However, Lee Daniels has always been fond of adding celebrities to his TV shows. Courtney Love, Rosie O'Donnell, Kelly Rowland, Petey Pablo, Al Sharpton, Pitbull, Chris Rock, Ludacris and more have popped up on Empire. Star is still more of a fledgling series, having just started airing on Fox, but we wouldn't be shocked if that show started bringing in famous names, too. We will keep you posted if any big names (besides the leads) do turn up, including if Paris Jackson herself makes an appearance.

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