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Today is a pretty special one for TV fans, because the long wait from TV's winter hiatus has finally come to an end, bringing new episodes of everyone's favorite small screen adventures for ABC's lineup of Shonda Rhimes originals Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away With Murder, affectionally referred to as TGIT. And considering Rhimes' love for cliffhanger endings, the midseason premieres seemingly promised the answers and resolutions audiences had been waiting for. Unfortunately, Grey's Anatomy threw the fandom a major curveball by not addressing its cliffhanger at all.

Season 13's midseason premiere, titled "You Can Look (But You'd Better Not Touch)", is a capsule episode set on the same night as the midseason finale. Just three doctors make up the cast - Arizona Robbins, Jo Wilson, and Miranda Bailey - and the trio travels to a maximum security prison in order to assist a 16-year-old inmate with the act of giving birth. While an interesting episode filled with unique stylistic moments, fans are likely to be disappointed with not finding out whether or not Alex actually gave himself over to the authorities and went to prison.

Much of Season 13 has focused on Alex Karev's legal and occupational proceedings following nearly beating DeLuca within an inch of his life. The doctors and audience feel both loyalty to the original cast member, as well as mixed feelings about this attack, making for a great television experience. The midseason finale saw Alex heading to the District Attorney to turn himself in, despite Meredith's pleading to stay and fight. As Alex was called into the office the episode ended, leaving an excruciating cliffhanger for the audience to dissect over the holidays. And now we still have to wait to see if how all that dissection compared to the drama.

I know I was personally expecting Grey's Anatomy to deliver some answers, which was why "You Can Look (But You'd Better Not Touch)" was a somewhat maddening hour of television. The episode ended with Bailey "dropping the bomb" that Alex turned himself in, which was an ineffective scene since the audience already knew and spent the preceding hour (as well as the months before it) waiting for answers. Alas, nothing would come up... except for maybe Jo's lunch when she got sick on the side of a road.

But if Grey's fans can put this disappointment aside, the episode itself was actually pretty great. It had nothing to do with the narrative of the show, but a change of scenery was welcomed. In addition to the standard camerawork, we also saw some scenes through the prison's security footage, adding something unique to the episode. And with so few stories being told, it was easy to become invested with the central trio. Additionally, a badass raspy-voiced lady doctor was introduced that I'd love see making a visit to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in a future episode.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursday nights on ABC. To see what else is returning to your televisions soon, head over to our midseason premiere schedule.

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