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Aaron Paul is an actor known for handling extremely tense situations on shows such as Breaking Bad and Hulu's current cult drama The Path, but before he made waves in scripted TV, Paul was perhaps most recognizable on the game show front as an rabid contestant on The Price is Right. Unfortunately, he did not win that Showcase Showdown, but 17 years later, Paul got his second shot at glory by breaking into the game show's set with James Corden. Check out the most non-stealthy hilarity below.

What a weird concept for a segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden, but one definitely worth everyone's time. Aaron Paul's Price is Right appearance is the stuff of legend, considering how wild and loud he was the whole time, which is why they continued showing clips from it in the video above. Had he not made it beyond the bidding round, or hadn't done so well on the big wheel, then his second attempt at victory might not have felt so necessary. But he originally lost out by such a depressingly small amount that this return had to happen.

Everything about the clip is great, from the faux criminal activity through the studio sets to the sheer determination that Aaron Paul brings to it. I have a feeling James Corden has trouble making it through scripted scenes without cracking up, but Paul is in red-faced beast mode the whole time. Even when he's "competing" against cardboard and a mop. Ded. Ication.

Is it weird that I would have watched an entire episode runtime of this? I don't know how it would have worked after what we saw. (Especially since Mop Man/Woman is now on the ground in pain after being shoved down.) Maybe just some games of Drinkin' Plinko, or popping that wheel out of the wall and fashioning an alternate take on bowling.

Of course, no Price is Right clip would be complete without an appearance from host Drew Carey, because network synergy is key. And it also meant that Aaron Paul is now perhaps one of the only people on Earth who has lost at Price is Right both with Bob Barker and with Drew Carey. Not exactly something you'd want to run out on the street to boast about, but it's special nonetheless.

Let's turn this into a thing, where celebs go back to past shots on game shows and other competitions to see if they can take the top prize in the modern day. We would also accept watching Happy GIlmore showing up on The Price is Right to pick a fight with Drew Carey.

The Price is Right airs weekday mornings in syndication, so check your local listings. The Path adds new episodes to Hulu every Wednesday, with Season 2 still fresh and full of strangeness. And head to our midseason premiere schedule to see everything else airing on the small screen in the near future.

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