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The Flash Creator's New Superhero Show May Join The CW's Arrow-verse

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If you're looking for the most superhero bang for your buck on the small screen, you're tuning into The CW's Arrow-verse, which currently has four comic book series airing weekly. If new murmurings are to be believed, a fifth super-series could join the lineup at some point, as the Greg Berlanti-produced drama Black Lightning is reportedly being transported from its initial home at Fox to The CW for some shared-universe adventures.

Nothing is written on paper yet, but the discussions are apparently happening behind the scenes for Black Lightning to join the rest of Greg Berlanti's co-creations on The CW. That would seem like the more natural fit anyway, even though Fox does have Gotham and Lucifer on the lineup. In fact, Deadline reports that it's precisely those shows, along with the X-Men pilot and other upcoming genre projects, that are causing hesitation in Fox's execs to keep moving forward with Black Lightning.

When Fox put Black Lightning into development, there was a stiff commitment attached, so it's possible the network had to cough up some dough when it passed on bringing a pilot to life. Warner Bros. TV was reportedly contacted with the quickness when Fox lost interest, and that appears to be where things are now.

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There is doubtless excitement and interest in a Black Lightning TV series from comic fans, though, among others. Developed by Mara Brock Akil, creator of The Game and Being Mary Jane, and her husband Salim Akil, the potential drama doesn't have much by way of info concerning its subject matter, but it would presumably skew somewhat close to the character created by Luke Cage writer Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden. Jefferson Pierce, alter ego of metahuman Black Lightning, was an Olympic athlete who returns to his hometown to eliminate the rampant criminal and gang activity, as well as the crooked politics. A classic tale of domestic heroism.

The CW is incredibly good at spinning winners out of projects that departed other networks. The brooding Archie Comics drama Riverdale, which also started life at Fox, is currently a hit with CW viewers, and then there's former Showtime project Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Supergirl herself, a show that spent its first season on CBS. Here's hoping Black Lightning follows (super)suit.

It's unclear how long we'll have to wait to hear something official about Black Lightning's future, either at The CW or somewhere else. In the meantime, you can check out Supergirl on Mondays, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on Tuesdays, and Arrow on Wednesdays, and on Thursdays and Fridays, head to our midseason premiere schedule to see when other shows will make their premieres in the coming weeks.

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