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Watch NFL Players Read Mean Tweets Just In Time For The Super Bowl

Nobody likes getting trashed by random people on the Internet, but that somehow hasn't stopped people from saying shitty things. And Jimmy Kimmel will likely never stop inviting some of the most famous faces in the full spectrum of entertainment for his hugely popular Mean Tweets segments. Ahead of this weekend's Super Bowl, some of the NFL's best sat down to face Twitter head on, and the results were almost shamefully hilarious. Check it out!

Unsurprisingly, a lot of these tweets were the kinds of juvenile things that are said almost exclusively by dudes, and often, not coincidentally, on the football field a lot. (And in front of digital football fields while people are playing Madden.) There's just something about sports that gets people's trash talk talents going full blast. And if you're like me, you're not limited to any location for the constant and uncontrollable urge to just complain about Tony Romo the same way some people look at their phones all day long. Props to him, however, for taking his "peeing sitting down" tweet like a champ.

The vid starts off with Odell Beckham Jr., the enormously talented LSU grad whose rookie NFL season contained some of the most brilliant catches of any wide receiver's career, which already messed with his head. His third season was slightly less impressive than his standout second year, but he still had over 1,300 years and 10 touchdowns. The dude is 24 years old, and he's gotta worry about people haranguing him online for being lame because he's not catching passes with just his fingernails and eyelashes. So many less-polished 24-year-olds would end up in jail because of insults like these.

Lots of other talent is seen in the Mean Tweets clip beyond just Odell Beckham Jr, with Super Bowl elite popping in and out. Michael Irvin, Kurt Warner, Russell Wilson, Von Miller and more got to be temporarily put in their places by some of Twitter's best minds. Or at least some of Twitter's...minds. I think my favorite tweet is the one about Joey Bosa's failed magician hopes, and Terrell Davis had my favorite vocal reaction with "Fuck you, too."

But the winner of all the reactions in general, and the recipient of not much beyond just my admiration, is former Denver Bronco DeMarcus Ware, whose intense slow look up is worthy of a Samuel L. Jackson comparison.

demarcus ware

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Nick Venable
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