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The long wait for new seasons of Game of Thrones is almost excruciating. Because HBO's massively popular fantasy drama airs new seasons during the summer, the months break between each season is hard for even the most casual fans. This wait will be even worse this year, as Game of Thrones' production had some delays, which will result in a later premiere date. Additionally, Season 7 will be shorter than its predecessors, with fans worrying that there won't be enough great stories and episodes to validate the delay. Luckily for us, some Game of Thrones merch may accidentally have revealed some plot details on the upcoming season.

Every year, beer company Ommegang releases a limited Game of Thrones products, titled and flavored specifically for the upcoming season. Season 7's beer is titled "Bend the Knee" and features three different bottles to chose from, each with the sigil of a powerful Westeros family. When picking up your own Game of Thrones Ommegang, you must chose which house you side with: Targaryen, Lannister, and Stark. It looks like a new civil war is coming to Westeros.

Seasson 6 of Game of Thrones ended with Dany finally sailing toward Westeros, with her three dragons in tow. And while Dany's fans (aka all of us) would love to see her torch all of her enemies, she'll still have to do a fair amount of politics and convincing in order to truly rule Westeros. Like her ancestors, Daenerys must also convince the Lord of Westeros to (wait for it) bend the knee and pledge allegiance to House Targaryen. Ommegang's beer title seems to reflect this, although it looks like both House Stark and House Lannister may stand in her way.

Obviously Cersei is going to fight back against Dany's forces. She's finally sitting on the Iron Throne, and she's going to want to keep it that way. What's more intriguing is how House Stark will factor into the war to come. Sansa and Jon have just retaken Winterfell with the support of the Northern Houses. As such, they're likely not going to be too keen about once again relinquishing power. While they have a common enemy in Cersei, Daenerys and Jon will likely have some negotiations to do. Too bad they don't realize they're totally related.

While we've seen plenty of power wars in Westeros throughout Game of Thrones' long tenure, but Season 7 will be the first time that everyone's favorite Khaleesi is part of the action. Personally, I've found Daenerys' isolation from the rest of the story frustrating, so I'm eager to see the last Targaryen finally interact with the rest of the cast. And given that her allies are Tyrion and Varys, it's likely that Sansa and Jon will have a hard time trusting the newcomer.

Game of Thrones will return to HBO this summer.

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