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It's a well-known fact that popular shows spawn plenty of fan theories. Some of these theories are based in real facts and evidence and end up panning out. Plenty of others are a little too wild to ever be taken seriously. It's the latter type of fan theory that Jim Parsons recently addressed during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. If you watch The Big Bang Theory and have ever had any secret theories about the show, this is truly the video for you. Give it a watch.

Have you ever thought Sheldon was secretly Spock? Or thought Sheldon was Barney Stinson in a different universe? Or thought Bernadette might actually be a cyborg? (Really, that birthing episode should have disabused you of that notion, but whatever.) None of these theories have panned out, for obvious reasons, but I do like that Jim Parsons reacts to them in a thoughtful and humorous way. In fact, with the Barney theory, he even reveals that he totally auditioned for the role of Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother. That obviously didn't pan out, but Jim Parsons doesn't seem concerned about it, noting that he actually thought he was a terrible fit for that role when he tried out for it years and years ago.

I've always kind-of wondered what substances people have consumed before posting these wild theories on forums like Reddit, but I will say these Big Bang Theory fan theories are not the weirdest I've ever read. Those honors might very well go to the wild Simpsons theory about Homer being in a coma or the theory about Rey being a reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker's spirit. (I'm totally happy to be proved wrong if there are wilder theories out there.) Still, it's fun to hear about Big Bang Theory thoughts and even more exciting to hear Jim Parsons' response to those thoughts.

Since The Big Bang Theory is currently in its tenth season, I'm surprised there aren't more strange theories out there about the CBS sitcom, but perhaps The Late Late Show with James Corden was simply cherry picking the funniest ideas they saw. The weirder the better for television, I'd say.

Meanwhile, if you do have other oddball The Big Bang Theory fan theories, we're all ears. And if you'd just like to watch the show in peace without random strangers making you compare Sheldon to a How I Met Your Mother character, that's fine too. New episodes of The Big Bang Theory air on Thursday nights, only on CBS. To find out what else the network is premiering, check out our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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