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Spoilers below for the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy.

One of the biggest dramatic carrots being dangled in front of Grey's Anatomy fans in Season 13 has been Alex's ongoing legal case resulting from him physically assaulting DeLuca. Last week's revealed Alex wasn't destined for jail - but rather Meredith's bed - and tonight's "None of Your Business" saw Alex succeed in reacquiring his job at Grey Sloan Memorial. His attempt to thank DeLuca for the dropped charges was met with complete dismissal, though, and actor Justin Chambers offered some input on where the two doctors' relationships will go from here. Hint: Jo might be involved.

I think it will be awkward, but I think the only way they can mend it is through their work and maybe Alex can help guide him as a young doctor and resident. I think he thinks they're okay again, but I believe that DeLuca is still giving him the cold shoulder. You'll see what happens.

Indeed, to Alex, the fact that DeLuca ended the legal battle probably seemed like a sign of forgiveness or at least some form of understanding that Alex didn't want to intentionally beat the shit out of him all the time. But as viewers may have suspected from the episode, DeLuca doesn't appear to be the most willing to treat bygones as such, and he could have a completely different reason for not wanting to send Alex to jail.

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That reason could look a lot like Jo, who is far more of a connective tissue between the two men right now than Alex's guiding voice as a medical professional. And though Justin Chambers says that Alex thinks things are okay, the actor himself has a different path of speculation, and it's one that could bring up more drama between the characters down the line. Here's what Chambers told Variety about why he thinks the charges were dropped.

I believe it's because DeLuca has feelings for Jo, or possible feelings. It seems sort of heroic and a self-sacrificing thing to do. Or maybe he doesn't want to cause problems at work --- that sort of has a ripple effect, if you affect the doctors around you.

The actor is playing it nice and cagey in his answer there, but he did soon cop to DeLuca being a definite threat when it comes to what Alex and Jo have going. And when the topic of a love triangle between the three doctors is brought up, Justin Chambers is game, saying there might be one...or that there might not be. I cannot put too much faith in this situation fizzling out before things get even more explosive, so I'm going to go with the "might be" part of that. Because then you add in the fact that Jo's husband might come back at some point, and...[kaboom].

With more coming for Alex and DeLuca's story in the future, as well as more about Meredith's big ol' suspension, Grey's Anatomy airs Thursday nights on ABC at 9:00 p.m. ET. Head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what's coming to the small screen in the coming months.

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