The Big Bang Theory Season 11

Contract negotiations are a tricky time for both networks and actors, and even ratings giants aren't always a sure thing. That's what has mostly lead to a lack of good news regarding The Big Bang Theory Season 11, as CBS is in the middle of renegotiating contracts and effectively decided the future of the show. That's definitely enough to make any fan start sweating, but don't start to worry just yet. It's looking more and more likely that The Big Bang Theory will continue, thanks to increasingly positive remarks from the cast. For example, Jim Parsons would be pretty surprised if the hit sitcom didn't continue past Season 10.

Not official light but I know that everybody wants to. Everybody wants to, so I'd be shocked if that didn't happen.

New negotiations are well underway for a new season of The Big Bang Theory and thanks to some comments from Jim Parsons to The Today Show, fans may want to think about slowly releasing the breaths they may have been holding. Jim Parsons' comments are very positive, claiming that the cast all want to come back for a new season and that he'd be shocked if Season 10 was the last for the hit sitcom. I think must of us would share that surprise if the show was cancelled, seeing as how The Big Bang Theory has been a ratings juggernaut for CBS for 9 seasons now. Even into its 10th Season, the show is still drawing in extremely solid numbers.

Jim Parsons isn't the only cast member who has expressed such positivity at the fate of the popular sitcom. Almost 11 months ago, Kaley Cuoco was more than positive that the show would continue on for the foreseeable future. In her own words, it might be a "sticky road" but the plan has been to keep the show running for much longer. This differs slightly from words shared by Kunal Nayyar, who has been less sure that a 10th season is a sure thing. But that was a while ago, and tunes may have changed to a more hopeful note based on Parsons comments.

It isn't only the stars who want to return for future seasons either; CBS has also shared its hope regarding a continuation of The Big Bang Theory. CBS entertainment president Glenn Geller recently said that contract negotiations were "business as usual" and that they were "guardedly optimistic" for more seasons, which seems to be network-speak for "things are looking at least fairly good."

It makes plenty of sense why both CBS and the cast would be game for more of The Big Bang Theory. For the cast, it's more money and continued job stability--unusual in the world of TV; for CBS, it means more time that it can keep its golden boy on the air. How much CBS is willing to pay for those future seasons though is, of course, unknown as is exactly how many more seasons the network would like the sitcom to continue.

While Season 11 is looking more likely by the day, Season 10 isn't finished yet. The Big Bang Theory airs on CBS on Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see when other new shows and returning shows will hit the airwave, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

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