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In a really funny inadvertent gaffe over the weekend, the Dominican Republic newspaper El Nacional accidentally published a photo of Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live rather than publishing a photo of the President himself. If you'd like to see the original oops moment, you can take a look, below.

As you can see in the tweet above, the newspaper listed Alec Baldwin's version of Donald Trump as the real Trump. This is hardly the first time a newspaper has published a retraction-worthy mistake. However, what is notable about this issue is that the article inadvertently pushes the point that Alec Baldwin's impression of Donald Trump has been so noteworthy that even a publication might make the mistake of publishing an image of Baldwin over Trump himself, thinking its the real deal. That really shows how big Baldwin's impression is at this point.

Of course, the whole thing was accidental, and El Nacional published a retraction of the image on Saturday, noting that the image was an AP image that had mistakenly been used:

The picture was sent that day by Associated Press (AP) with the name of the actor and the program, but was placed as if it were Trump's, a situation that went unnoticed for all who reviewed page 19.

All's well that ends in a correction, and El Nacional fixed its mistake. However, it's certainly one of the more memorable photo mistakes we've seen in recent memory. As for Alec Baldwin's impression itself, If you've been keeping tabs on SNL this season, the long-running NBC sketch comedy series has seen a ratings increase thanks to political impressions during Season 42. Among these is Alec Baldwin's version of Donald Trump, which the President has famously stated he doesn't like. While we wouldn't call Baldwin's version a spot-on look-a-like of the real Trump, it's still fascinating that the publication could mistake the impression for the real deal, coiffed hair and all.

To catch Alec Baldwin playing the President in upcoming sketches, you can watch new episodes of SNL on Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. ET. To find out who else is coming up as the host of the series, you can take a look at our upcoming hosts guide.

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