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Outlander has been in production for some time now, and we expected Season 3 to air sometime in 2017. However, when I said "sometime" I really hoped that sometime would be this spring. Regardless, Starz has finally let us know when we can catch Outlander Season 3, and unfortunately, the new episodes are more than half a year away. According to the network, Outlander is pulling a bit of a Game of Thrones in terms of premiere date. In fact, we won't be catching new episodes until September.

The news shouldn't altogether be surprising for savvy Outlander fans. The show's first two seasons spent a long time in production and aired at different times. It seemed like the show might get on more of a schedule once Starz stopped airing the show in a split season format, but then a couple of months ago series lead Sam Heughan happened to mention that Outlander was still going to be in production until May. In a new video released by the network and timed with the premiere announcement, the show confirmed that Outlander has just finished filming in Scotland and is heading to South Africa for the next part of the shoot. Clearly, the episodes for Season 3 aren't ready yet.

The good news is that Outlander has already been picked up for Season 3 and Season 4. When Heughan made his prior comments, he also mentioned that filming on Season 4 would kick off soon after Season 3 finished filming. With that in mind, we're really, really hoping that Outlander will be able to keep to a more regular schedule after this season. It's hard enough to wait a year for new episodes, but waiting longer than that has proven to be and will likely continue to be arduous.

Since Outlander is already filming, we do know quite a bit about Season 3. The show has cast a few key book characters for the season based on Voyager, including but not limited to Young Ian, Joe Abernathy, Mr. Willoughby and Lord John Grey. In addition, the book Season 3 is based on is called _Voyage_r for a reason, and we can't wait to see what the big location change looks like between Scotland and the South Africa-shot scenes. If you'd like to learn more about the new filming location, be sure to check out the whole video, here.

While we wait for Outlander to make its big return to the schedule in the fall, you can take a look at what looks to be happening in the upcoming episodes with our what we know guide. In addition, you can peruse our midseason TV premiere schedule to see what is headed to TV sooner.

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