Jessica Biel Is A Bloody Murderer In First Look At The Sinner

After 15 years away, Jessica Biel is returning for her first starring role on television since she exited 7th Heaven as a series regular back in 2002. People will find that her new show The Sinner doesn't share anything in common with 7th Heaven other than they both have Jessica Biel in them. The Sinner finds Biel kicking off events by committing a pretty grizzly act which you can check out for yourself in the trailer below.

As you can see from the trailer, The Sinner isn't pulling any punches. This season of the close-ended series follows a young mother, Cora, (Biel) who after being overcome with a fit of rage commits a terrible and very public act of violence on a man on the beach. Though it seems like an open and shut case, Cora -- to her horror -- has no idea why she attacked the man or felt such anger. As opposed to the "who" or "how", the series is obsessed with the "why" and that's a question that Biel's character just can't answer. A rogue investigator, Detective Harry Ambrose, (Bill Pullman) becomes obsessed with the case and her motives, and together with the mother, takes a trip into the "depths of her psyche and the violent secrets hidden in her past."

Jessica Biel stars and executive produces The Sinner, a new crime thriller airing on the USA Network. The anthology series was given a series order by the network in January and each season will focus on a different crime. The series is based on Petra Hammesfahr's book of the same name. The Sinner was written and created by Derek Simonds (When We Rise), who joins Biel, Michelle Purple, and Charlie Gogolak (This Is Us) in executive producing.

The Sinner is Jessica Biel's return to television; this is her first starring role since she left 7th Heaven at the end of Season 6 (though she did return off and on until the end of Season 10). Since then she's appeared in a number of movies such as I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, The A-Team, and The Illusionist. Biel hasn't disappeared from television entirely, though and has appeared in a guest role on the Season 4 premiere of New Girl and provided her voice to Bojack Horseman.

From the looks of the trailer, The Sinner could be an engrossing crime thriller, and you usually can't go wrong with Bill Pullman. This looks like its USA's answer to The Night Of and we'll find out how good the series is soon enough.

The pilot was directed by Antonio Campos (Christine). The Sinner does not yet have a release date, but stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all future updates. In the meantime, you can keep yourself busy with our 2017 midseason premiere guide!.

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