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Game Of Thrones actor Alfie Allen was on hand to talk details of Season 7 at a recent press event for the video game For Honor. He plays the somewhat pitiful Theon Greyjoy, a character that has had a rougher go of it than most on the show (which is really saying something). Here's what Allen has to say about what's going on with Theon as we head into Season 7:

He's kind of just in a duel partnership with his sister. Anything that she puts on the table, he's gonna give her advice on, but at the same time, I'd say we're definitely kind of rooting for Daenerys at this point, without a doubt.

To recap what happened when we last saw Theon, he had returned to the Iron Islands to learn that his father had been killed by none other than his uncle, Euron Greyjoy. Theon flees the islands with his sister Yara and pledges allegiance to Daenerys Targaryen if Dany will help them uproot their uncle from the Salt Throne. In return, the Iron Islands will acknowledge her claim to the throne of the Seven Kingdoms, as well as grant 100 ships to the cause. Thus the wheels are set in motion for what, as Alfie Allen teases to Mashable, is sure to be a colossally giant battle to wrap up Game Of Thrones.

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The ships will be an important asset to Daenerys, provided she can successfully unthrone Euron and put Yara in control of the Iron Islands. In Season 2, you'll remember Theon went to his father on Robb Stark's behalf so that he could get ships for an assault on King's Landing. The usefulness of those ships will be interesting to see, as we all remember how well a naval assault on King's Landing worked out for Stannis Baratheon. Those ships will only be as good as long as Cersei Lannister is running low on Wildfire, which could be the case after her purge of the Tyrells.

It's hard not to feel bad for Theon Greyjoy, as all his problems stem from the fact that he is a child born between two worlds. He's lived a majority of his life as a well cared hostage of the Starks, after his father's failed uprising against Winterfell. All he wanted was to be accepted by his homeland, and upon returning, is mocked and ridiculed for knowing nothing of their ways. This convinces him to turn on the only family he ever knew, only to have everything blow up in his face. You'd like to think all that torture by Ramsay Bolton was more than enough karma for his betrayal of his former northern family.

All this Game of Thrones talk has me itching to find out the premiere date for Season 7! I've been back and forth on who I think is going to take the throne in the end, and I can't honestly say one person has an advantage over any other. Maybe it's best to just try and put it out of our minds until we at least have a premiere date. There's no better way to do that then picking out a new show to dive into so check out our midseason premiere guide!

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