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What NBC's Giant Chicago Crossover Will Be About

Chicago Med Chicago Fire Crossover Chicago Justice Chicago P.D. NBC

Television drama fans should get excited for what Dick Wolf and the Chicago producers have in store for them tonight. The night has finally come for a giant crossover between the four Chicago shows in what should be one epic evening in television. That's right, Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and the new Chicago Justice are all in for an three-hour event, and we finally know what it will be about! Executive Producer Peter Jankowski shares the details below:

It's a story that is ripped from the headlines from the Oakland fire. It's bigger than anything we've ever done on Chicago Fire before. It's also a little darker. It's a very, very somber subject matter.

The event begins with Chicago Fire with a warehouse fire, not unlike the Ghost Ship fire that left 36 dead in Oakland, California, in December last year. From there, Chicago P.D. will launch an investigation into the cause of the fire. The investigation will then transition into a first look at Chicago Justice with the prosecution of the person who allegedly started the fire. Chicago Med is said to be spiked into the background and will be seen helping victims throughout all three shows.

Producers for the series have been promoting the event with #OneChicago on social media, and Peter Jankowski told TV Guide that combining all the series will offer a unique and elevated experience for viewers. Jankowski added that if each show formed a collective body, then Chicago P.D. is the fist, Chicago Med the heart, Chicago Justice the brain, and Chicago Fire the crotch. Not quite the way I would describe it, but a good visual if you're someone joining the event simply for Chicago Justice.

It's quite a debut for Chicago Justice, which will then air Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET following the crossover. The Justice leg of the crossover will feature The West Wing's Bradley Whitford and Law and Order's Tovah Feldshuh, both of which pack star power on top of an already loaded television event. Seems like the Chicago team is doing everything in their power to ensure their newest show isn't forgotten in the mix.

The epic 4-show Chicago crossover is set to begin with Chicago Fire tonight at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Hunker down for 3 hours of action that is sure to be must-see television for fans of drama. I'm just excited to see how they'll manage to blend all four shows together, as well as how they'll retell the events of what happened in that terrible Oakland fire. You can join in, and be sure to check out our midseason premiere guide to find what else you can watch nowadays.

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